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12 Fragrances to Uplift The Spirit and Aid The Development of Intuition


While there are many fragrances to uplift the spirit and will aid intuition, here are 12 scents that will alter consciousness and increase your ability to contact and communicate with spirits, angels and spirit guides, along with Nature Spirits. It doesn’t matter whether you use them as incense, in candles, oils or even create potpourri just like we did in the 1980s. What matters is using them. They will alter your vibrational levels and strengthen your inner perceptions.

The Many Uses for Lavender and Peppermint Herbs – Flowers and Essential Oils


When my 97-year-old grandmother was young, doctors in rural areas were few and far between. Depending on the size of the town there may have been one doctor who treated patient’s living miles apart. Therefore, people depended on home remedies passed down through generations to treat injuries and cure illnesses. Home remedies continue to be used today.

Using Aromatic Bath Salts For a Peaceful Night’s Sleep


When you have had a long day that never seems to end and you need to escape to a soothing place of relaxation to help you unwind for a restful night, there is nothing quite like a luxurious bath filled with soothing aromatic bath salts to help lull you off to dream land. The soothing scents of many aromatic bath salts are often enhanced with skin softeners as well to leave you skin soft and supple and your mind calm and ready for a peaceful night’s sleep.

Plant Spirit Shamanism: Floral Baths

Chinese woman relaxing at the resort SPA

In Peru, floral baths known as banjos florales (‘flower baths’) are a staple of shamanic healing from the high Andes to the Amazon basin, where they are used to wash away unhelpful spirits so that blockages are removed and the energy of the universe can flood in to correct the imbalance.

Make Your Own Aromatherapy Bath Salts in 10 Minutes or Less


Aromatherapy bath salts are one of the quickest, easiest goodies to make for the bath – and one of the most healing. With just a few simple ingredients you can make your own aromatherapy bath salts to ease your aching back, calm your frazzled nerves or relax yourself for a deep, restful sleep.

Aromatherapy: Herbal Remedy



Aromatherapy is an alternative field of medicine which is gaining popularity, it aim not only on the treatment but also on prevention of diseases. Aromatherapy practice is predominantly based on the use of essential oils.

Aromatherapy Bath Recipes


An Easy Guide to a Blissful Bath

Initially though the world of aromatherapy may appear to be dizzying, yet it is very simple to master the formulation of your own aromatherapy bath recipes. All you need is a basic knowledge of how to go about mixing the ingredients, and of course, an idea of what scent creates what effect on your body systems. And with a little bit of experimentation, you will soon be able to cure most of those body aches, migraines, even PMS related symptoms with the help of just a long, soaking, scented luxury bath!

Unwinding Aromatherapy Bath


Aromatherapy Bath Product: Great Blends and Ideas for the Optimal Unwinding Aromatherapy Bath

You could go to a store and buy an aromatherapy bath product, or you could make your own at home. Herbal and aromatic baths are an ancient tradition, simple to make and easy on the wallet. Keep reading to learn more about why herbal baths are good for you, how to draw the best herbal baths and recipes that you can make.

Aromatherapy Bath


In this article we will discuss various oils and their benefits when used in a aromatherapy bath. We will also provide a great recipe for you to use when you are taking your next aromatherapy bath.

A Wonderful Body Bath


Tips for Relaxing

Doesn’t everyone enjoy a great body bath? It’s relaxing, enjoyable, and even good for you. You may even feel more beautiful after a bath! It’s kind of like a massage at a spa – only quicker and less expensive.

Aromatherapy Bath Salt


Aromatherapy bath salt combines the healing properties of salt with the relaxing fragrance of aromatic oils, to bring about a deeper level of relaxation and relief from stress. Salt is well known for its healing and cleansing properties. It is believed to clear our energy fields from any toxic or harmful substances. A salt water bath is a miraculous way to cure oneself of body aches and joint pains. And aromatherapy has its own wonderful healing effects on our body through our olfactory system. Combined together, the two therapies make an excellent healing tool!