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Sea Salt Body Scrub


Benefits of a Sea Salt Body Scrub with Essential Oils

Have you ever been to a spa and had a body scrub treatment? They are the most relaxing treatments ever! You actually get a better deal when you purchase a body scrub treatment because you are also getting a relaxing massage at the same time as your massage attendant exfoliates your skin for you.

How to Make an Easy Coffee Body Scrub at Home!


Do-it-yourself beauty is absolutely the best, and there is nothing more satisfying than being able to create a custom beauty product from ingredients that you may have within your own kitchen! Coffee itself has a variety of beauty benefits, so if you want to make the most of your homemade beauty remedy, it is advised to use coffee as an ingredient.

How to Make a Lemon, Banana & Olive Oil Foot Scrub


If you’ve been walking long distances or simply have tired, battered feet from a long day’s work, get some comfort by soaking your feet in hot water and then thoroughly rub them with lemon juice. Hot water opens the pores and the lemon juice provides your feet with a soothing, cooling, astringent action!

Rosemary Sea Salt Body Scrub

rosemary sea salt body scrub

This homemade body scrub is designed to invigorate and exfoliate the skin.  These natural ingredients are good for all skin types but is especially beneficial to acne prone, or tired aging skin.

Detox Baths and Candida


Candida pertains to the bacteria, fungi, yeasts, and elements that can cause infections inside the body. These elements have to be flushed out of your system because they can cause harm. Candida chiefly causes vaginal infections. They are also the culprit why chronic fatigue occurs.

Skin Care Scrubs


Skin care product wouldn’t be complete without face masks and scrubs. Masks primarily functions to sooth and replenish while scrubs are best exfoliants. Facials can play a vital role in helping keep skin healthy and glowing. Body scrubs are a spa experience you can create at home. Making your own body scrub is very easy to do.

Making Your Own Homemade Body Scrubs


The homemade body scrub recipes are used to remove dead cells. Body scrubs used in the shower is a fast way to get smooth skin.

Homemade Face and Body Scrub


Why would you buy something at say £30, just because it has a designer tag, when you can make your own body scrub, with all natural ingredients for about £2? Use this scrub once or twice a week for best effects.

Homemade Body Scrub


Natural care for your skin is so important. There are chemicals in everything these days, from the food we eat, to the air we breathe. Creating your own homemade skin care products is a simply way that you can reduce your exposure to them, and its fairly simple to do. You really do not need special equipment to get started and in many cases, a bowl and some measuring devices will suffice. The most important thing you need are quality products and great recipes, both which you can easily obtain.

Great Skin Scrub Recipes


Body scrubs have always been a beauty must. Cleopatra’s hand maidens rubbed her down with granulated honey and myrrh, a “royal” version of the scrubs of pumice, barley hulls and goat’s milk used by lesser Egyptians of the day. Body scrubs have become very popular lately, with recipes including grains, nut shells, sea shells, salts and other minerals scraping away the layers and leaving fresh, new skin behind.

Brown Sugar Body Scrub


How to make a brown sugar body scrub at home.

Body Scrub


Body scrub is a great way to help your skin become healthier. The process of exfoliation is beneficial because it basically strips away your dead skin cells (consider the word exfoliate, foliage which is leaves, then ex them, or cut them away). You can make your own body scrub easily and inexpensively with simple household items and use them exactly like the body scrub you would use from the store.

Are You Sugar Scrubbing Yet?


Sugar Scrubbing is a gentle way to exfoliate the skin just about anywhere on your body. A basic sugar scrub includes of course sugar and some sort of liquid and lotion or moisturizer. For a very simple sugar scrub mix some sugar with enough of your favorite body lotion to form a paste that’s easy to rub into you skin.