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Alternative Uses for Beauty Products


If you are like me, you have tons of beauty products laying around your bathroom. They are in all of my drawers and cabinets, my shower is overflowing, and now they are even taking over my son’s bathroom (good thing he’s only 2). Ever wonder if some of your beauty products have other uses? I was thinking about this the other day and decided to do a little research. Here are some of the alternate uses for products that I have found:

5 Cheap Beauty Tips


You don’t have to spend a fortune on beauty products to help your skin. A lot of the items you need can be found in your store cupboard, so before you rush out and spend a small fortune on a tiny tube of something take a look at these tips.

Easy Beauty Tips for Summer


In our part of the country the summer has been exceptionally hot and dry. Although I love summer and prefer it over the cold gray of winter, some beauty problems come along with it. If your hair is naturally wavy or curly, it may turn frizzy. Longer hair is hot on your neck. You feel sweaty as soon as you step out of the shower. Well, there are some things we can do to help relieve these problems. Here are some ideas.

5 Steps to Natural Beauty


These short steps are a sure way to dazzle at anything from the most special occasion to when you just need that extra confidence boost. There’s no need to invest in luxury spa products, hide away or go under the surgeon’s knife; natural beauty is much closer (and much cheaper) than you might think. And, remember; the best way to remain looking as vibrant and rejuvenated as you’ll look after these five steps, is to only use natural products in your hair and on your skin. Go ahead, spoil yourself!

Beauty Tips for Bedtime


Your life as a woman can be hectic and sometimes, you may be too busy to even think about pampering yourselves, but believe me, it is necessary; not only for beauty’s sake, but for your overall health, hygiene and self-esteem. You will feel more attractive and innately feminine.

6 Easy Beauty Detox Tips


Here are 6 easy post-party beauty detox tips that will work like a charm.

Cheap Homemade Beauty Tips


There are times when we cannot afford expensive cosmetics. This is exactly the period I had in my life! Working two jobs, but spending a lot of money on paying the rent and food I found myself in such situation when I have money till the end of the month enough only for food. So I searched the web, to found out some cheap beauty tips. I was surprised how many useful are there. Check this out:

You Are More Than Beautiful


Are we more critical of judging ourselves more than others do?

Best Kept Beauty Secrets


We’re always trying to look better. It has something to do with being a woman. We need to look good and get even better looking. Indian women love experimenting with alternative remedies. They know it works, be it a new way to remain sweet smelling in summer.

Fabulous Money Savers – Beauty Tips From Inside the Pantry not the Parlour


Why do most women looking to remedy a health/beauty concern concentrate solely on that one particular problem when they could at the same time give the whole body an entire make over? Of course certain conditions and disease do not fall into the type of beauty M.O.T I speak of. Giving your body as much attention as you would give a car to ensure all is in complete working order is a fabulous idea. Keeping the body in check will keep you safe and give peace of mind.

Traditional Indian Beauty Secrets


We share some of India’s most traditional elegance tricks that Indian females choose over the a large number of fundamentals, outfits and lotions.

13 Beauty Tips and Tricks To Keep Yourself Younger Looking and Beautiful


If you are looking for some simple and easy beauty tips and tricks to keep yourself younger looking and bewitching then this article will provide just that. So here we go!

Natural Beauty Tips from All Over The World


As time strides ahead, the first thing that noticeably damage is our skin. The other factors contributing are pollutants, unhealthy diet and lack of sleep plus Stress. Human skin loses its glow and starts aging sooner than later. It’s no wonder that almost every woman is out there looking for proven clear skin remedy.

An Ancient Beauty Secret that Rejuvenates Your Skin and Your Body


Regular face massage is a great way of improving the skins tone and texture, firming the underlying muscles and tissue structure. So many of us are completely oblivious to the amount of tension we carry in our facial muscles. The face and scalp are full of pressure points and nerve endings, that when stimulated have a hugely beneficial effect on our physical appearance and psychological health.

Great Beauty Tips!


Hi,  I really love your site it has given me many tips so I want to give some back:

Special Eye Cream Recipe


I make this eye cream every year for all of the ladies in my family. Every year I get requests for more. I make it as an eye cream, but some of the ladies even use it as a face cream. It is very soothing and cooling, it relieves puffiness and it doesn’t cause breakouts.

Honey You’re a Natural Beauty


Throughout the centuries, legendary beauties have used honey as part of their skin and hair care treatments. Cleopatra was famous for her milk and honey baths, and Poppea, wife of Roman Emperor Nero, used a honey and milk lotion on her face to keep her looking youthful. By the time cosmetics were beginning to be mass produced in the late 1800s, honey was a popular ingredient.

Hydrating Eyelash Honey Balm & Makeup Remover


Tired of using an eye makeup remover that irritates your eyes and skin? This one isn’t just gentle; it also soothes the skin around your eyes, as well as your eyelashes.

Great Beauty Tips


Beauty tips that you don’t want to miss! Simply beautiful!

Avon’s Skin So Soft: Not Just a Bath Oil!


Did you know that AVON’s Skin-So-Soft Bath Oil is more than just a bath oil? Just look at the list of uses we’ve found, “tried and true”!!

Frugal Beauty Tips


Let’s face it, beauty products are expensive. Keeping up with all the new trends and the lotions and potions that come out is time-consuming and can drain your bank account quickly. Sometimes it pays, in more than one way, to go back to nature to keep ourselves beautiful. You might be surprised to find there are many items in your pantry that you can incorporate into your beauty routine.

Eye Makeup for Brown Eyes


Brown eyes, compared to the many other catching eye colors, have their own drama, one that exudes a glow of the earth’s base color, and the warmth of its richness. Some girls would simply die to have brown eyes, while some girls who already have them are just not so satisfied with it, thinking it is rather drab or bland. But that is a statement that does not hold true to itself.

Makeup Application: Poreless Skin


An always in demand Hollywood look is the “Poreless Face”. This look can easily take you from Red-Carpet to Wall Street and back again. The secret to the success and long-wearing effect of this look is in the application process. In this article, I will highlight my favorite products to achieve this look, which are all by Laura Mercier and work best because of their availability in various formulas for different skin types.

Skin Care Expert Tips – Expose Your Skin’s Natural Beauty


Radiating beauty is mostly about taking care of yourself and seeing yourself in a positive light. It’s about growing to trust yourself. Confident women are beautiful. They are not seeking affirmations from someone else because they already know they are beautiful.