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Natural Dye For Red or Light Colored Hair


Your perfect natural hair color is actually many colors or shades of colors. What happens when your hair begins to whiten, silver, yellow and/or go gray?

You do not even notice…not at first. Then someone giggles or ‘nicely’ points out that ‘you are getting old’ or you glance into the mirror when the light is just right.

Yikes! You try to ignore your crowning glory fading away or you rush to the store and buy hair dye or go to a hair salon.

Fruits That Enhance Hair Growth


Fruits That Enhance Hair Growth

Your hair forms an important part of your appearance and can either make or break your impression upon the other person. Hair needs proper care and nutrition to look beautiful and lustrous. Eating right is important to get the proper supplements of nutrition that will enhance hair growth and reduce hair fall. Below is a list of a few you can eat to keep hair fall at bay and get beautiful hair that you desire:

Natural Hair Dye for Gray Hair


Having some Gray hair is what everybody refers to as old age. Nobody wants to have Gray hair at an early age. So what they do is to look for a remedy or treatment that could hide the real color of their hair. One of the various ways to hide that you have the sign of old age is to get a natural hair dye for gray hair.

Hair and Skin Care Before and After Swimming


As swimming is like relaxing therapy for the mind and good for the heart exercise, it is not always the best for your skin and hair. So, if you are planning to go for swimming regularly whether in a chemically treated pool, a salt-filled ocean, or a pond or lake, then these steps you need to insure to protect your skin and hair so that it remains health and hydrated.

6 Quick Fixes to Restore the Shine in Your Hair


Life keeps us on our toes and we don’t really have the time to invest in our hair. As a result, our hair takes the brunt and ends up looking dull, frizzy and limp. Splurging big bucks at a fancy salon is not a viable option. However, there are ways you can add shine to your hair instantly. Here are 6 quick fix-ups for your mane.

How to Get Gum and Other Goo Out of Your Hair


Getting gum in your hair is one of those beauty disasters that we all want to avoid. But if it happens to you, put down the scissors. There are some easy ways you should try to remove the gum.

How to Stop Hair Loss and Promote Hair Growth


Each of us loses about a hundred hair a day from our scalp, most the hairs grow back. If not, the hairstyle changes from hair loss to baldness. Even through most baldness case can be attributed to heredity factors, we can prevent or overcome it.

Here are some natural remedies that would help to prevent hair lose and promote hair growth:

Essential Oils for Hair Breakage


Essential oils, traditionally known as ethereal oils, have been endowed with healing properties that prove useful for hair problems, ranging from hair loss, split ends, dandruff and roughness. The aromatic essence of the oils, extracted from plants, herbs and spices make them distinct from other types of oils. Being extremely potent in preventing hair breakage, they are either used in the pure form or in concoction with other types of herbal oils.

7 Natural Hair Thinning Remedies


It is entirely normal to lose hair. As a matter of fact experts estimate that each day of your life you will lose any where from 50-100 strands of hair. Not to worry though, in a normal situation your hair follicles quickly produce new hairs to replace the ones falling out. Our hair is in a very dynamic process of shed and growing new replacement hairs. However, hair loss becomes an issue as the hair follicles lose their ability to produce new healthy strands of healthy hair. This can be a result of a multitude of reasons including: childbirth, menopause, chemotherapy, hormonal imbalance, or heredity.

Hair Tips


I found that natural shampoos and conditioners work best for hair. You could make your own shampoo at home but you have to consider what type of water you have, soap (the soap that you put into the shampoo, Castile Soap most of times) could make your hair dull if the water is hard.