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Curing Gray Hair Naturally

Lemon juice and coconut oil is also another natural way of helping prevent the signs of aging. By mixing the two of these items together, and applying the solution for about 15 minutes each day then rinsing, it will help retain the youthfulness and vibrancy of your hair. It has been practised with people over...
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Herbs and Herbal Remedies for Healthy Hair

Herbs are being used for healthy hair since ancient times. Aloe, Catmint, Sage, Rosemary, Horsetail, Nettles, Parsley, Arnica, Birch are some of the most commonly used herbs for healthy hair. Till date you must have tried at least hundreds of conditioners, shampoos or serum for that lustrous bouncy hair. Have you ever thought of using herbs...
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Top 10 Remedies for Frizzy Hair

Are you tired of your frizzy hair? Do you want to know why your hair is so dull and frizzy? If you have to find out how best to control your frizzy hair, you have come to the right place. Do you know that your frizzy hair can be your beauty highlight instead of an...
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How To Braid Your Hair

A good hairstyle can make a lot of difference to your look. Braids or plaits have been classic hairstyle but just because they have been in existence for long, it doesn't make them boring! (more…)...
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How to Lighten Hair Naturally

Many of us who wish to lighten our hair color tend to make use of hair colors and hair dyes. But the chemicals in these products can sometimes prove to be harmful for our hair and skin. (more…)...
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How to Stop Hair Loss and Promote Hair Growth

Each of us loses about a hundred hair a day from our scalp, most the hairs grow back. If not, the hairstyle changes from hair loss to baldness. Even through most baldness case can be attributed to heredity factors, we can prevent or overcome it.

Here are some natural remedies that would help to prevent hair...

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Essential Oils for Hair Breakage

Essential oils, traditionally known as ethereal oils, have been endowed with healing properties that prove useful for hair problems, ranging from hair loss, split ends, dandruff and roughness. The aromatic essence of the oils, extracted from plants, herbs and spices make them distinct from other types of oils. Being extremely potent in preventing hair breakage,...
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