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Make your own Shampoo with Liquid Castile Soap


Have you ever heard of Castile Soap?

Most of us would want to achieve a shiny, bouncy, and healthy head of hair, like what we see in various shampoo commercials. Imagine how great it would have been, getting your desired attractive hair by just washing it with shampoo.

Sulfite Free Shampoo ~ Soapwort


Herbs can help give luster and body to the hair and may be incorporated into both shampoos and conditioning rinses. You will be able to make your own natural homemade shampoo for hair right within your kitchen…without all the additives of commercialized hair products. It is known and used as a Sulfite Free Shampoo or No Poo, and a Shampoo for Dandruff. Works great in all hair remedies for growth.

Chamomile Fields Shampoo


Beautify your hair from root to tip using this easy to make Homemade Chamomile Shampoo.

Soapwart Shampoo Recipe


Suitable for all hair types. Soapwart (Saponaria officinalis) contains saponins which is similar to soap. It lathers when agitated. Lemon Verbena for a citrus fragrance and catnip to promote healthy hair growth.

Dry Shampoo Recipe


Cornstarch is used to absorb the hairs oils.

Poo Free – Homemade Shampoo Recipe


Poo Free… Ahhh… I know that sounds strange doesn’t it? This really isn’t an article on what to do when constipated and I don’t feel the urge to write on that subject at all. No, this has to do with shampoo.

Making Your Own Herbal Hair Shampoo


In 1990 I decided not to use the commercially made shampoos after reading Aubrey Hampton’s book, “Natural Organic Hair and Skin Care.” In this book Aubrey tells you how to read the label on any product that you put on your skin or hair.