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9 Easy Steps to a Pedicure


With these easy nine steps you too will have silky feet. So go ahead get ready to do your own pedicure. 

Tips to Turn Your Home into Your Own Beauty Salon


Giving yourself a professional-looking beauty makeover can be as simple as looking around your house. Whether it’s in your bathroom or your laundry room, all sorts of products already in your home can be re-purposed to easily and quickly help you create this season’s on-trend looks from head to toe. Here are some tips to get you started.

Effective Natural Cure For Cracked Heels


In all actuality, cracked heels are a response to the lack of attention that you have paid to foot care instead of primarily overexposure or lack of moisturizing. Medically speaking, heel fissures are the term used to describe cracked heels. Heel fissures normally affect the surface level of the skin and comprise the epidermis. Heel fissures are considered linear cut wounds. There are times that the heel fissures make their way into the dermis which can be very painful. Due to the excessive amount of pressure on the feet pads, it makes the feet yearn expanding sideways.

How to Make Your Own Foot Soak


When was the last time you pampered your feet? Our feet work so hard for us every day, carrying our entire body weight, taking the strain and pain from all the walking in high heels, running, dancing, exposure to the wind, rain, sun and sand! Considering all the activities our feet are involved in on a day to day basis, they can end up tired, dry or swollen.

The Secret of Essential Oils for Nail Fungus


People have always wanted to get rid of nail fungus. As you may know, this is a very embarrassing condition that a lot of people in the world have, and this triggers the advance on knowledge for treatments, both medical and alternative. Medicine treats the condition through chemical formulas that a lot of people reject, because they come with side effects that can be pretty serious, including liver damage. Alternative medicine, seeks the other way, trying to find natural cures, and one of those cures involve the use of powerful essential oils.

Revitalize Tired Feet


Revitalize tried sore feet with this easy but effective peppermint foot soak.

Promoting Growth of Healthy Nails and Cuticles


Like a firm hand shake defines a person’s confidence, healthy nails and cuticles are essential to add beauty to your hands. Nails are actually dead cells of the body, but they play an important role in beautification of the hands.

Fragile Nails: Causes and Treatments


Ever noticed the steps a physician follows at your regular health check up. The first thing they notice is the health of your nails. Brittle or fragile nails which break easily are a sign of a problem.

Home Manicure, Home Pedicure


When you need to do manicure or pedicure at home, it is very important to have knowledge of it in general, and the requirements in particular. If you feel the need of a system of manicure / pedicure and wandering, then the following mentioned system would be of great help to you. So for creating a perfect manicure / pedicure system at home, you will need the followings:

Sugar Hand Exfoliants


Bring out your natural beauty with this easy to make at home Sugar Baby Hand Exfoliant.

Rose Petals Hand Cream


Discover your natural beauty with this easy to make Rose Petals Hand Cream.

Peppermint Honey Feet Treat


– Makes 2 treatments –

Benefits: Aids in circulation of overworked feet. Moisturizes and softens while it soothes and restores tired aching feet.

Cuticle Softener Recipe


Discover your natural beauty with these easy to make cuticle care recipes.

Wonderful Foaming Honey Foot Bath at Home


I imagine you can tell me at length about how tired your feet and legs get after your busy day. When’s the last time you got to treat yourself to a day at the spa? Even if you had the time, it’s not too often you can afford the $100 cost of a simple, relaxing, foot soak.

Soothing Foot Lotion Recipe


Discover your natural beauty with our easy to make and Soothing Foot Lotion recipe.

Squeaky Clean – Foot Care


Easy to make at home foot recipes that softens, removes odors, and smooth your tired aching feet.

Do-It-Yourself Manicure

fdp_Stuart Miles-manicure-ID-10055273

Your hands are as obvious as any part of your body; you use them to emphasize points in a conversation and to do daily tasks, therefore they should look as well groomed as the rest of you. A good manicure is important to your appearance. Whether or not you use polish, your nails should be conservative, healthy, and always well manicured. To keep your hands attractive give yourself a weekly manicure.

Physical Beauty – Care of The Hands


NO hands, as one authority on female beauty has declared, “reveal every hidden secret of the soul …. in their shape, texture and color” ? We doubt it. But they reveal themselves quickly enough as beautiful or the reverse. What is beauty of hand ? It is not so much the shape, just as in hair it is not the color, which counts here. Texture, skin quality and skin tint, the manner in which the hands are used, the nails, these determine their beauty. Nothing will give away your age quicker than the condition of your hands. Let’s take a look at some tips to try and hold off the ravages of time.