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Man of The Sands Massage Oil Recipe

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Massage can be a wonderful, therapeutic way to combat stress, achieve total vitality and well-being.

Grapefruit Essential Oil

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Grapefruit Essential Oil – Uses and Benefits

The grapefruit is believed to be a hybrid of the sour fruit known as a shaddock and a sweet orange which was first cultivated in the West Indies. Today however this beloved fruit is grown primarily in the United States which is the world’s largest producer.

Massage Oils – Advantages & Disadvantages

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Grapeseed Oil

Grapeseed oil is the most widely used oil for body massage. It is finely textured, smooth and free-flowing. It is high in linoleic acid (E.F.A.) and contains some vitamin E. This will nourish the skin and allow it to store for longer, vitamin E. being an antioxidant prevents rancidity.

Quick & Easy Natural Massage Melts


Massage melts are a unique body product because they stay solid at room temperatures, but when applied directly to your skin, start to soften and melt due to body temperature. Their main purpose is to moisturize dry skin, as well as, relax and soothe tight muscles.

Passage of India Massage Oil Recipe


A massage oil blend to relieve anxiety and stress.

Spice of Life Massage Oil Recipe

Skin Care

A warming, spicy massage oil blend.

Songs of The Orient Massage Oil Recipe


Quick and easy massage oil blend.

Light Your Lover’s Fire!

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If your love life needs a little spicing-up, spend a lustful evening with your lover indulging in the following aromatic creations. After all, these sizzling summer months are the perfect time to unleash passion, abandon yourself to pure desire, and reveal your sensual side!

Summer Rain Massage Oil Recipe

Skin Care

A summery floral massage oil blend.

Sensational Massage Oil Recipe


A relaxing massage oil blend.