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Acne Free – Daily Skin Care: Back to Basic

Thousands of people from all over the world suffer from acne, the skin disorder that affecting 70 to 95% teenagers during puberty period. Sadly to say this skin disorder not only affecting teenagers but also adults between the age of 20 to 50. Imagine if you suffer this skin disorder endlessly until your adult life....
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Soothe Yourself in a Relaxing Salt Bath

Bath salts are varieties of different water-soluble inorganic products that have been created to its utmost perfection. This is to be combined with your bath for cleansing and provide an improved sense of well being. Nothing is more relaxing and beneficial than to be treated in a luxurious bath filled with wonderful soothing bath salts....
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Mustard Plaster – Stretch Marks – Homemade Remedies – Page 2

Stretch Marks - BY BARBARA B I just saw your website and was browsing Beauty Recipes and saw the comment on Stretch Marks. A family member told me years ago when I was pregnant with my daughter to rub pure coco butter twice daily over my stomach and breasts. When my daughter was born, there were no...
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How to Make Delectable Bath Bombs

It's time to sadly admit that winter is in and it's only going to get chillier from here on out. Not that I'm unhappy about that, I love layering clothes and wearing giant coats and making snow angels. But for as many days I love the winter, there are just as many when the wind...
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The Positive Effects of Cosmetic Perfume

Not only is our sense of smell the strongest sense tied to memory, but its use also has the ability of affecting our emotions. Many times massages involve scented oils in order to help calm the person. Some flowers, plants, and herbs that have soothing scents are used for medical purposes. Throughout the centuries people...
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