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How to Make an Easy Coffee Body Scrub at Home!

Do-it-yourself beauty is absolutely the best, and there is nothing more satisfying than being able to create a custom beauty product from ingredients that you may have within your own kitchen! Coffee itself has a variety of beauty benefits, so if you want to make the most of your homemade beauty remedy, it is advised...
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How to Make a Lemon, Banana & Olive Oil Foot Scrub

If you've been walking long distances or simply have tired, battered feet from a long day's work, get some comfort by soaking your feet in hot water and then thoroughly rub them with lemon juice. Hot water opens the pores and the lemon juice provides your feet with a soothing, cooling, astringent action! Read more

DIY Bath Oils’ Amazing Health Benefits

Ah, a nice soak in a warm tub. Who doesn't love it? It offers more than just cleansing - it's a great way to relax and relieve stress. Indeed, soaking in bath tubs have become extremely popular in recent years due to their relaxing benefits, more so when you use a calming bath oil. Read more

DIY Tea Astringent Anyone?

Have you ever had days when your skin just feels blah? Perhaps you just need to refresh and rejuvenate it the natural way! I'm sure many of us have been using used store-bought astringents to cleanse and wake up tired skin but they can be way too strong. Astringents are used to firm and tone the...
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Minimize Pores With A DIY Lemon-Tomato Mask

Fretting over large pores? While large skin pores are usually genetic or a result of our lack of proper skin care, it is a major cause of skin issue among us women. Yes, we understand our pores or skin glands have a great purpose, (the secretions from the pores of the skin is one of...
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Bath Salt Recipes – 4 Most Worth-Noting Recipes

Salt is a mineral that essential for living human being. It is known as the oldest and ubiquitous seasoning and also a great way of preserving food and removing bacteria. In numerous effects of salt, salt bath is worth- noting. It helps bather relax after a hardworking day, it drains the aches off from your...
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Exfoliate Your Hands & Feet with Oatmeal

A Tribute to a Working Woman's Hands and Feet

Women of this generation have their hands full - literally.  Today, we're busy climbing the corporate ladder, running a business, traveling for a cause, saving the world! It's amazing how much stuff we juggle and to some this is admirable, but the truth is, many of us...
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Natural and Relaxing Bath Recipes

Even if you're a shower person on a day to day basis, sometimes nothing but a bath will do. You can't beat the relaxing feel of a nice hot bath. Take some time for yourself, shut out the daily rigors of life, light some candles and soak in your tub. For an even better relaxation experience,...
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