Beef and Veal Kofta

Cozy Up to Fall with Flavourful Comfort Foods

It's easy to see why so many top chefs prefer cooking with natural gas. Stoves and grills powered by natural gas allow you to cook with more even, direct and precise heat. Here's a delicious recipe for a kofta, a tasty Middle Eastern dish, similar to meatloaf or...
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Planting Bulbs for Springtime Flowers

Its time to start planning ahead for a dazzling showcase of spring flowers. Plant an assortment of spring blooming bulbs before the first frost such as Lily of the Valley, Daffodils, Tulips, Crocuses, Bearded Irises, and my favorite flower the Hyacinth. (more…)...
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Muffin Tin Meat Loaf

Make a Mini Version of Your Favourite Comfort Foods A serving of vegetables has made its way into these mini chicken meat loaves, but you wouldn't know it. The mushrooms and carrot help keep the meatloaf moist while adding flavour and nutrients. Make a big batch in advance and freeze for up to one month. Read more

Baking for The Holidays? A Checklist of Pantry Must-Haves

A holiday season without baked goodies would be like a movie without popcorn, burgers without fries or a sundae sans cherry: good but not quite perfect. If you enjoy baking traditional holiday favorites, you may also like trying new recipes. Experimenting with new recipes is easier if you start out with a well-stocked pantry. Read more

Pork Shoulder Boneless Roast with Asian Caramel Sauce

Everyone loves good homemade meals, but most of us don't have time to prepare them. Take the stress out of meal preparation with a flip of a switch — whether you're cooking for one or five, slow cookers are a great way to save time and deliver delicious comfort food. Read more

Hosting Halloween Party

Swarms of costumed Harry Potters, Powerpuff Girls, Pokémons, ghosts and witches will take to the streets this Halloween, begging for sweet treats from neighbors and friends. Because many parents worry about their child's safety while trick-or-treating, do-it-yourself Halloween parties are becoming a popular alternative. The Halloween Association (THA) indicates that Halloween is the third most-celebrated day...
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Extra-Meaty Pasta Sauce

Freezer-friendly fall flavours

Finding time to make a home-cooked meal is challenging for most, but making freezable dishes is a great way to stay on track on any busy week. Pasta sauce, chili, stew, soup, casserole and meat pie recipes all freeze, thaw and reheat well without compromising quality or taste. Pair your favourite recipe with...
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Grapes in Port Wine Sauce

During fall and holiday entertaining, desserts often command the spotlight. For inspiration, use the beautiful, vibrant colours of autumn to inspire unique desserts. Few fruits can match the taste or vibrancy of green, red and black California grapes. Buy one or buy them all and turn on the creativity. Here are a few ideas to get...
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