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Stranger In A Strange Land

Our marriage, I thought, was a great one. So did everyone else. Then after 15 years my husband suddenly announced he wanted a divorce. Now, he says, everyone “bought into the big lie.” But I know he loved me, and I believe he still does. Read more

Mango Carrot Ginger Smoothie

A gorgeous Mexican mango was the inspiration for a flavorful, antioxidant-rich smoothie in my kitchen this week. In celebration of that particularly sunny shade of pink-orange-yellow found in mangos, carrots, and citrus fruits, I whipped up a sweet, fruity, plant-based mango, with a bite of spicy ginger. This smoothie is packed with vitamin C, vitamin...
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How to Take Care of Your Skin This Summer

Although summer gives you the perfect opportunity to show off your tanned skin, it’s also a time when your skin can suffer if not properly protected. Sunburn, razor burn, dryness … there are plenty of things you might need to face as the temperature rises. That means it’s vital that you have your summer skincare...
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Back to School Organization

Soon our homes will be filled with the sounds of "Mom, where is my homework?" As moms everywhere get geared up to battle the Back to School stress and vow once again to be more organized This year, let me offer some preventative medicine and time saving tips. Read more