Direct Answers – What Do You Think?

Before I ask you this question, I need to give you a little background information. One of my gifts from God is crunching numbers and analyzing investments. I model my approach after the master himself, Warren Buffett. (more…)
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Tips for Preparing Your Family to Play Outside in The Snow

Preparation is the key to playing outside in the snow. If you are prepared, your family can have a great time playing even in the winter weather. If you're not prepared, snow play can be a miserable experience for everyone. Try using these tips and enjoy your time outside longer! Read more

Homemade Chewy Granola Bars

If you and your family love granola bars but are suspicious about the ingredients they contain – namely high-fructose corn syrups, unnecessary additives, preservatives and bad for you hydrogenated oils – you'll be happy to know that making your own is easy. Granola bars make an epic on-the-go breakfast, snack or dessert and are...

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DIY – Infused Olive Oils

DIY – Infused olive oils at a fraction of the price of gourmet shops

Herb-infused olive oil is a simple and tasty way to add flavour to any dish. Extremely versatile, it can be used for cooking, salad dressings and marinades as well as a condiment to coat your food with delicious notes of...

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Direct Answers – Code of Silence

Give me your interpretation of two scenarios. First, I have a younger cousin I will refer to as Ed. Until just a few years ago, we were tight, more like brothers. You would like my cousin, though you would never get close to his hot buttons like I do. Read more

A Dozen Valentine Activities to Make and Do with Your Children

Even though my children don't understand Valentine's Day, they still like to enter into the spirit of things by sending Daddy an anonymous card, or even asking why Daddy hasn't sent Mummy a card! Here are a dozen simple craft and cooking activities that you could make in the lead up to the 14th February,...
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Spruce Up Your Home for Spring

The long, cold winter that has brought record low temperatures and snowfall to many parts of the country is finally winding down. Soon the landscape will turn green and flowers will start blooming. Before you know it, it’ll be time to take a cue from Mother Nature and redecorate your home. Read more

5 Valentine’s Day Craft Ideas

We could all spend a little extra on a really nice meal or buying your partner some perfume that they really like. But if you really want to show your partner your romantic side then why not also present her or him with a gift that you have made yourself. Not to mention it can...
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Plants for February

It may be cold outside and the garden a little bleak but there are still some stunning plants to be had that will really give your garden a lift at this time of year. From early bulbs to flowering shrubs, here is a short list of some of the very best. Read more

Cute Valentine’s Day Craft Ideas

Valentine's day the perfect chance to get crafting and make something special for a loved one - family, friends and kids. There are a lot of cute Valentine's Day craft ideas that are quick and simple to make. Have a look here! (more…)...
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