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Not Sure What To Serve For Easter Dinner?

Make These Easter Treats Your Easter Feast! Easter Day and the Easter recipes we choose to cook play an important role in our lives. Easter is about life; it's about springtime and welcoming back the flowers and birds; it's about a warmer sun on our backs and a renewed faith in all the good we want and...
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Tips for Hosting a Better Brunch

Love the idea of hosting a brunch, but begin to regret it the moment you’re toiling over a pan of bacon grease while your friends are chatting over mimosas? You’re not alone. Whether you’re planning a simple brunch for a small group or an Easter brunch to wow a crowd, these simple tips and ideas...
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Easy Beef Bulgogi

Mom-sourced and kid-approved: Easy Beef Bulgogi

There's a battle taking place in the kitchens of homes all across the country. On one side, you have tired parents, and on the other side, picky eaters. Parents just want to provide their kids with a nutritious meal, but it can be tough in the face of “ews,”...
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Roasted Herbed Vegetables and Pasta

Plant-based eating has grown into a major health food trend in recent years, however, it is far from new. In fact, Canada's Food Guide recommends we eat more daily servings of vegetables, fruits and grains and that we consume a variety of plant-based meat alternatives like beans, lentils and tofu. You are probably asking yourself, “Is...
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Lime and Banana Cake

Recently, I decided to focus on cakes suitable for casual entertaining, especially out-doors and for a crowd. This one caught my eye because it looks nice made in a big tube pan, feeds up to 16 people, goes well served with berries and is best when made ahead. It keeps excellently for three days or...
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Three-Ingredient Cherry Jam

When you get the kids in the kitchen, you make both great food and great memories. This simple yet tasty three-ingredient recipe for cherry jam uses frozen fruit, chia seeds and maple syrup. (more…)...
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Cod and Dill Fish Cakes with Spring Pea Salad

Everyone would love to cook up something new in the kitchen, but sometimes time and the effort it takes hold us back. The best way to overcome this is by incorporating a new flavour or a twist on a traditional product to help add novelty to your meal. Read more

Pickle Problems: A Troubleshooting Guide

There's nothing better than opening a jar of homemade pickles and taking that first satisfying bite. As soon as you bite down into a crunchy cucumber you're immediately flooded with memories of summer days gone by. Growing, harvesting and pickling your own canned goods can be an extremely rewarding experience, but what do you do...
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