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Pork Shoulder Boneless Roast with Asian Caramel Sauce

Everyone loves good homemade meals, but most of us don't have time to prepare them. Take the stress out of meal preparation with a flip of a switch — whether you're cooking for one or five, slow cookers are a great way to save time and deliver delicious comfort food. Read more

Extra-Meaty Pasta Sauce

Freezer-friendly fall flavours

Finding time to make a home-cooked meal is challenging for most, but making freezable dishes is a great way to stay on track on any busy week. Pasta sauce, chili, stew, soup, casserole and meat pie recipes all freeze, thaw and reheat well without compromising quality or taste. Pair your favourite recipe with...
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Grapes in Port Wine Sauce

During fall and holiday entertaining, desserts often command the spotlight. For inspiration, use the beautiful, vibrant colours of autumn to inspire unique desserts. Few fruits can match the taste or vibrancy of green, red and black California grapes. Buy one or buy them all and turn on the creativity. Here are a few ideas to get...
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Overnight Oats

Whether you're hustling kids out the door, trying to hit the gym before work, or darting out to appointments, we've all felt the pressure of mornings. (more…)...
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Potato Leek Soup

This hearty "Potato Leek Soup" is an amazing comfort soup in the cooler months. I like to share this easy recipe that reminds me of my childhood memories with my mother. (more…)...
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Herbs for Tea Making

Herbs for tea making are as easy to grow as other herbs as the end use is different but the growing conditions are the same, good soil, warmth, light and moisture. You only need to start off with a few plants of mint, a patch of chamomile and 4-6 lemon balm plants. These herbs are...
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Freezing Herbs – Create Bouquet Garni Paste for Fresh Flavor

As an avid gardener of herbs, I'm always looking for ways to prolong my enjoyment of the uses and functionality of the herbs growing in my gardens and cooking with herbs is one of the uses that gives me a lot of pleasure. Being dissatisfied with lost flavor and aroma in many dried herbs, I've...
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New Ways to Enjoy Fall’s Bounty

Fall is a great time to try new recipes. Why? Because the markets are bursting with bounty of the harvest season. -Included in that bounty is the fall harvest of grapes, which are in fine fresh supply through January. Besides their long season, grapes are amazingly versatile as an ingredient. Here's a sophisticated plate to serve...
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How to Make Pumpkin Puree

Each year, eighty percent of the pumpkins grown in the USA are harvested in October. Commercially canned puree is probably the most familiar edible form of this popular autumn produce, however the mild, slightly sweet flesh of fresh pumpkin makes an excellent dish when baked, boiled, sauteed, steamed or microwaved. The pumpkin seeds, as well,...
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The Best Ways to Store Fresh Fruits and Vegetables

Maintaining a home garden is the best way to provide yourself and your family with fresh, delicious, healthy fruits and vegetables. But if your fresh produce gets withered and brown when you store it, then this creates undesirable waste. Here are some easy ways to extend the shelf life of your fruits and vegetables, and...
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