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Watermelon Keg

How to make a watermelon keg. Its a great way to display your favorite chilled drink.  Perfect for family gatherings, summer picnics, backyard parties. (more…)...
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Mexican Chorizo Breakfast Tacos

Fire up the barbecue…for breakfast?

Most of us centre our calendars around the summer months — it's the time of year we get to enjoy basking in the sunshine and exploring the great outdoors. And when it's camping, cottage and festival season, who wants to be stuck in the kitchen? Read more

Healthy Pizza Night

Fresh Ways to Enjoy Pizza Night and Make a Balanced Meal You know a balanced diet that includes plenty of fruits and vegetables is best for your health, but achieving that can be a challenge given everything you have to accomplish in a day. Daily meal planning doesn’t have to be such a chore if you...
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Welcome Warmer Weather with a Picnic

This time of year, the urge to go outside increases by the day. What better way to welcome warmer months than with a picnic, complete with homemade breads and baked goods made from scratch? Whether you’re celebrating a birthday, looking for a new idea for date night or just want an excuse to relax on a...
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