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Delicious hearty homemade baked goods and sweets.

How To Make Bannock

Bannock is simple. Basically it is just a pan fried bread dough. Lots of leeway in this recipe. Use your imagination with it. It can't be hurt! LOL (unless you try and add chocolate chips! ech.!) (more…)...
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Bread Machine Recipes

When bread makers first came out years back people felt that all you could use them for was plain white bread. Well that is not even close to being true any more. There are now dozens of fantastic recipes available for all kinds of bread. (more…)...
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Home Baked Bread & Rolls – Made Simple!

My Mother, upon watching me mix up a batch of home made Orange Rolls, made the comment that I was the last of a dying breed. In a way she was right! It seems that in our society of simple to prepare foods, we have lost the art of bread baking. Read more

Cornmeal Gives Golden Goodness

Corn gets my vote as the most varied and versatile whole grain. It comes in more colors – from white, yellow and red to blackish blue – and more forms than any other whole grain I can think of. (more…)...
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Frequent Cake Decorating Terms

If you are new to cake decorating, then you can be confused by the many phrases for cake decorating. While these phrases may be intimidating at first, if you take the time to get familiar with them, then you will approach them with sureness. Presented below are many of the most common cake decorating terms,...
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Cranberry Sweet Potato Bread – The Perfect Holiday Gift

No gift can be more heartfelt than homemade baked goods. But while a box of traditional Christmas cookies or a holiday fruitcake may be the norm, offering friends and family a delicious confection that is actually good for them is perhaps the most thoughtful gift of all. This week’s recipe for sweet potato bread does...
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