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Homemade brew recipes for beer, wine, sport drinks, coffee and much more.

Basic Lemonade Recipe

During the summer, fruit beverages are an important part of your diet.  Not only are they refreshing, but they provide minerals, vitamins and because of the sugar used to sweeten them, it provides a high fuel value. Lemonade, a summertime favorite, is one of the easiest to make.  Inexpensive and refreshing you will become a master...
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Strange Uses Of Coffee

A lot of people drink coffee everyday and savor the experience. But are you aware of the fact that coffee has many other uses as well? If you think that coffee is only a drink, youre wrong. The coffee bean is extremely versatile and there are many ways to use coffee. Read more

Chocolate Chai Is a Warming Treat

Tea is being studied for many health benefits, from lowering blood cholesterol levels and preventing cancer, to boosting metabolism, which may play a role in weight control. These health promoting benefits likely come from antioxidants found in particular abundance in tea. (more…)...
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Herbal Teas

"They made a good deal of camomile tea, which they drunk freely to ward off colds, to soothe nerves, and as a general tonic. A large jug of this was alway prepared and stood ready for heating up after confinements. The horehound was used with honey in a preparation to be taken for sore throats...
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How to Make Almond Milk

You can easily make your own almond milk cheaply, at home, to substitute for harmful cow's milk and boxed soy and rice products. Soy milk and other boxed milks are highly processed. Although a better alternative to cow's milk they still do not have the health benefits you get from a nice tall glass of...
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How to Make Homemade Wine

To make homemade wines with the recipes and ingredients here all one needs is a gallon-size glass bottle, a saucepan and a polyethylene pail. Make certain to use polyethylene as some plastics are not suitable. Do not use aluminum, copper, or enamel vessels to make your homemade wine with. Read more

History in a Tea Cup

Did you know that your favorite afternoon pick-me-up or breakfast “cuppa” has a history that dates back thousands of years? According to legend, the Chinese Emperor Shen Nung “discovered” tea way back in 2737 BC when some tea leaves were blown by the wind into his pot of boiling water. Now, whether Emperor Shen was...
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