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On-The-Go Mason Jar Meals


This healthy salad can be packed for a quick work lunch or a weekend picnic. Loaded with veggies, quinoa, grilled chicken and leafy greens, this fresh and delicious meal is full of vitamins and protein. Perfectly layered in a Mason jar, your lettuce and vegetables will remain nice and crisp until you’re ready to dig in. Once you’ve mastered this recipe, mix and match your favourite vegetables, proteins and greens to make any salad you want. They are easy to assemble and can be stored in the fridge for up to five days.

Pumpkin Spice Overnight Oats

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With just five minutes of prep time the night before, you’ll have an easy grab-and-go breakfast that will keep you satisfied all morning. These hearty, pumpkin-spiced oats are packed with fiber, protein and cancer-fighting polyphenols. Whole grains like oats can improve your digestion, aid in weight control, and lower your risk for colorectal cancer.

Zucchini and Onion Frittata


Protein-rich eggs and fresh, seasonal vegetables are the secret to this healthy frittata. Well-known in the Mediterranean diet, the frittata can be enriched with any seasonal vegetables and cheeses to create your own personal recipe. This one features fresh summer squash, a good source of vitamin C along with some fiber and potassium.

Smashed Chickpea & Avocado Lettuce Wraps


Ready in just 10 minutes, these vegetarian wraps are packed with fiber-rich chickpeas, fresh Boston lettuce and creamy avocado. Opting for meatless meals a few times a week is one way to eat more plant foods and cut down on processed meat — both excellent ways to lower your risk for cancer. These wraps are so versatile that once you get the hang of them, you can try them with chopped peppers, jalapenos or any fresh ingredients you have on hand.

Fresh Corn Pancakes with Lime Drizzle


Start your morning off right with these light and easy pancakes. Fresh corn is in abundance during the summer and adds a subtle sweetness. Combining whole wheat and all-purpose flour is a fun cooking hack that enhances the nutrition without changing the flavor and texture. Drizzle on our lime and honey syrup for a fresh and zesty kick to get you up and on the right track for the day.

Asparagus-Bacon Frittata


Canadian asparagus is in season in the early summer – perfect for pairing with bacon and eggs in this frittata.

Grilled Chicken and Strawberry Salad


Strawberries are in season in Atlantic Canada, Quebec and Ontario through the summer. Local, just-picked strawberries make a welcome addition to a light lunch or supper in this no-fuss dish.

French-style Spinach and Cheese Omelette


A healthy breakfast is the perfect opportunity to start your day off on the right track. This French-style omelet is fluffy and golden with the rich flavor of Parmesan cheese and sautéed spinach. Eggs provide protein and B vitamins and at only 80 calories each, they’re an easy, healthy meal option. Make the recipe as is, or mix it up with leftover veggies.

Hazelnut Chocolate Blini with Raspberry Drizzle


A Something Different Recipe Developed by Dana Jacobi

This beautiful special occasion dessert is perfect for brunch. Blini are crepe-like pancakes made without a leavening agent. This recipe features hazelnut flour, sweet raspberry sauce and dark chocolate. Research has shown that the heart-healthy phytochemicals in dark chocolate, called flavonoids, may also boost antioxidant defenses for cancer prevention.

Pepper Jack, Sweet Potato and Avocado Sandwich


The holidays are time for formal feasting and also for sharing casual bites. Sandwiches are a favorite, perhaps to set out as family and friends are gathering or while trimming the tree.

Homemade Pancake Mix to Store


Store bought pancake mix is easy to make and probably the most popular way that people make pancakes at home. The truth is, however, that it’s not difficult to make your very own homemade pancakes. To make things even easier in the future you can also make a large quantity of your mix to store in the cupboard. This makes it so the next time you make pancakes it will be just as easy as using a store bought mix.

Watercress and Avocado Bruschetta


Bruschetta starts with good, wholesome multi-grain or whole-wheat bread, sliced thinly and toasted. A buttery avocado mixture of garlic and lemon or lime juice, which retains avocado’s bright green color and gives a hint of citrus, anchors bruschetta’s essential ingredient – fresh tomato. A crown of watercress sprigs makes this bruschetta regal, either as an elegant appetizer, a light meal or refreshing breakfast.

Mexican-Style Breakfast Sandwich


Start your morning with these deliciously messy, all-out breakfast sandwiches inspired by traditional Mexican flavours. Meat eaters can kick this sandwich up a notch by adding bacon – a salty and savoury combination with the peanut butter. Serve with hot sauce to add some heat.

Banana Waffles with Blueberries and Walnuts


Who doesn’t love banana bread or banana muffins? How about banana waffles? Made with white whole-wheat flour and oats, these waffles are delicious and high in filling fiber. Topped with crunchy walnuts and an easy to make whole blueberry sauce, you and your family will go nuts for these waffles.

Raspberry Almond Muesli


Creamy Muesli Delivers a Delicious Raspberry Surprise

Oatmeal is a great breakfast, but where’s the fun? Instead, have muesli, a creamy Swiss creation perfect on summer mornings because it is meant to serve cold. It’s a comforting and sustaining combination of whole grains, fruits and nuts that is like starting the day enjoying your favorite pudding.

Berry Surprise Pancakes


In olden times, Mother’s Day traditions often included giving mom a bouquet or corsage of carnations and taking her out to dinner. Going out was important, because it meant she would not have to cook for the family, or be tempted to help out her incompetent tribe as they struggled to prepare, serve and clean up after the meal.

Oatmeal with Fresh Pineapple, Strawberries and Walnuts


Just like we change our wardrobe with the seasons, it’s time to refashion our menus. One example is the topping on our oatmeal. Fresh succulent strawberries say it’s spring, and adding juicy pineapple and crunchy walnuts dresses up your bowl.

3 Hearty Breakfast Recipes


Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Everyone has heard that saying, but unfortunately, breakfast is also often the most forgotten meal of the day. Instead of enjoying a hearty, nutritious breakfast, many people opt for simple alternatives on the go because they believe creating a well-rounded breakfast will take too long. That couldn’t be farther from the truth.

Chewy Granola Bars



Breakfast! Meal to kick start your day! It should be tasty, nutritive and yet healthy. Not high on the calorie count, this mentioned recipe, brought forth before you among the hoard of Breakfast Recipes would fill you with energy and nutrition. Have a look!

10 Easy Healthy Snacks


I love eating, and I do it often. Not so surprising for a nutritionist. I just choose healthy snacks!

There is a balance between getting healthy snacks, maintaining weight, and loving food. But it can be done. My go to snacks are all about nutrition, pleasure, and taste.

If you have picky kids, these snacks please. They replace the empty sugar snacks with brain boosting alternatives.

Strata with Mixed Greens and Mushrooms


A Savory Strata Shines for Breakfast

To start the New Year with a great breakfast, let’s make a dish that is smart and festive. I suggest a strata, kind of a cross between French toast, which always feels festive, and a baked casserole. This savory dish includes whole grain, eggs and milk – like in French toast – plus a layer of dark leafy greens. The greens help you get a good start on vegetable servings for the day and make a delicious surprise.

Many Kind of Omelet Recipes


Many Kind Of Omelet Recipes, easy to cook but very delicious and healthy meal that everyone want.

Beans and Greens Burritos


Give popular burritos a new twist by wrapping them in collard green leaves that are delicious, crunchy and rich in cancer-protective nutrients. Beautiful, bright green collard wraps are a hip way to add cheer to the holiday season or any day.

Eggs in a Nest Make Festive, Sustaining Breakfast


It’s personal. Cereal for breakfast leaves me cold. Even oatmeal glazed with brown sugar, for me takes second place to starting the day with something savory, preferably involving an egg. (I do enjoy oatmeal mid-morning, as an energy boost that fuels me until lunchtime.)

Gluten Free Pumpkin Pancakes with Cinnamon Syrup Recipe


Why does it have to be one or the other? Me, I want it all and this gluten free pumpkin pancakes recipe with cinnamon syrup is a definite treat with a few tricks thrown in.

Healthy Lunch Boxes for Children, School Lunch Ideas


Lunch and love in a box

Ever since her two year old son got enrolled into a pre school, my next door neighbor Neeta has been complaining about his eating habits. For her, packing a lunch for him is turning into a horror. Everyday when he would return with his unfinished lunch, sometimes untouched too, she would feel a failure. No amount of threats, cajoling is helping her. She is always wondering as to why her son is discarding everything like trash when she is putting so much effort into the preparation of his lunch. Here are some of the tips which if followed, can ensure that your child definitely enjoys his lunch.

Tofu Vietnamese Sandwich


“I can’t believe you might miss your flight just for a sandwich,” said the friend driving me from Orange County, California to LAX. During the trip, I had explored the Vietnamese community in Orange County, slurping up the best versions of phở, the comforting noodle soup, and eating superb sugarcane shrimp and bánh mì. It was 1988, and this last item, an overstuffed sandwich made with several forms of pork, pickled vegetables, hot chilies and mayo, all stacked into a crusty French baguette, was barely known in New York City, so of course I just had to stop on the way to the airport and get one to go. What could make a better in-flight meal?

Hashbrown Nests with Eggs


Families are always looking for new ways to celebrate and spend time together. Why not start your weekend off on the right foot with a little family time in the kitchen over a delicious hot breakfast?

Cooking in the kitchen is a great activity for families, including children of all ages. Consider the following ways you can get your children up and out of their nests each morning for fun family time together over a delicious breakfast:

Kale Frittata with Tomato and Basil


This wonderfully versatile frittata is basically Italy’s version of an omelet. For Italians, making frittatas is a tasty way to enjoy vegetables that are in season and use leftovers. In March one of the nutritional powerhouses that is fresh and plentiful is kale – and this recipe enables you to enjoy it in an unusual way.

Peanut Butter Granola Bites


If you’re looking for an afternoon pick-me-up, skip the junk food and reach for one of these tasty, easy-to-make, calorie-reduced bites.

Packed with flavourful ingredients like oats, raisins and vanilla, these goodies keep your mouth happy and your stomach satisfied. Lightly sweetened with naturally-sourced stevia, each serving of peanut butter granola bites contains 6 grams of protein and only 170 calories, making this a perfectly sensible snack.

Beefy Burritos


Add a flavourful twist to burrito night by blending half the beef with finely chopped mushrooms.

Sloppy Joes


Revisit your childhood with the flavours of a retro classic made more nutritious with whole foods including mushrooms.

Orange Cocoa Nib Date Muffins


It is widely agreed that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. It kicks starts your metabolism, provides energy and sets the tone for all your activities. To get the most out of your morning meal try to include whole-grains, protein, fruit, fibre and calcium. If busy mornings mean you usually skip breakfast, try a healthy baked recipe that is easy to eat on the go.

How to Boil and Peel an Egg Flawlessly

fdp_ antpkr-boiledegg-ID-100168830

For an absolute newbie, learning how to boil an egg should definitely be the first port of call when learning how to cook. This can boost your self-confidence. You can now have a complete breakfast along with some cereals and a glass of cold milk. When I first learnt this, I felt really proud that I could make myself a simple breakfast without any help and without “wasting” even five minutes. This eventually opened my eyes for further experimentation.

Easy Homemade Eggs Benedict Recipe For Breakfast


If you’re looking for that special dish to add zing to your brunch, holiday breakfast or supper, Eggs Benedict should be your choice. This dish is sure to brighten up your loved ones’ meal. Enjoy this legendary dish that was supposed to have first been served in the very first fine dining restaurant of the United States, way back in the 1860’s! Here’s how I make it.

Old Fashion Recipes Perfect for Breakfast


Next time you plan a brunch or just have a relaxing weekend breakfast, try adding one of more of these recipes to your menu. You will be happy you did. The Chiffon Pancakes are great for a relaxing family breakfast, especially on cool Fall or cold Winter mornings. They are also good anytime as some families like pancakes year-round and sometimes for dinner as well. Lucy’s Apple Kuchen is a recipe I retrieved many years ago from an old Midwestern church. It makes a great brunch item.

Turkey Sausage, Juicy and Good for You


I love sausages but gave them up long ago because of the preservatives and sodium they contain. Instead, I finally have figured out a delicious way to make my own version of breakfast sausage using ground turkey and herbs. Its lusty flavor is perfect alongside a morning scramble or added to a bowl of steaming soup.

Asparagus Ham Rolls, Baked Onions, Hash Brown Potato Pancakes


With the recipes in this article you will be able to find tasty ways to quickly and easily prepare some different recipes using vegetables. Try the Asparagus Ham Rolls for a cheesy ham, asparagus dish. For a meatless dish go with the Honey-Baked Onions or Hash Brown Potato Pancakes.

Healthy Raw Comfort Food: Oatmeal


Enjoying a raw food diet does not mean we have to forgo our favorite comfort foods. We just have to modify them. Take oatmeal for instance and the following raw apple pie oatmeal recipe.

The Perfect Full English Cooked Breakfast

fdp_Vichaya Kiatying-Angsulee-englishbreakfast-ID-10082085

Cooking a full english breakfast is loved by the majority of the British public – we have it as a dinner meal sometimes. It is a great hearty breakfast which is great for a large morning meal, hangover cure and just a general enjoyable breakfast. Here’s how you can cook one and what you’ll need.

How To Make Cinnamon Rolls Easy Brunch Recipe


A lot of people think you need to spend an entire day making delicious cinnamon rolls. Well, perhaps. A lot of recipes are definitely set up that way. However if you’ve ever wanted to know How to Make Cinnamon Rolls easy brunch recipe will fit the bill.

By the way, if you have a hard time getting your kids out of bed in the morning, nothing will make them come downstairs faster than taking some of these hot, fresh cinnamon buns out of the oven in the morning. The fragrant aroma of cinnamon alone is enough to stir even the most stubborn of beast.

Four Ways to Enjoy Cold Cereal


Everyone eats cereal for breakfast. It’s the American meal of champions. Discover new ways to work your families favorite food into your day. Those cereal-loving kids will gobble it up.  Here are four fun ways to work cereal into more meals and snacks.

Pancake Mix Gift for Diabetics


Looking for a unique food gift for a diabetic? Check out this idea. It is great for holiday gifts, birthday gifts, housewarmings, hostess gifts, etc. Enhance for the occasion by the type of jar, basket, ribbon, etc you choose. Trust me, your diabetic friend will be surprised and thrilled by your thoughtfulness.

7 Simple, Delicious and Nutritious After-School Snacks for Kids: Bread Casserole, Pizza Toast and More!


When it comes to after-school snacks for kids, parents don’t have to settle for cookies, chips or cereal bars. There are many quick, tasty and healthy snack options you can make for your kids. Try the seven snack ideas below that are as simple to make as they are delicious!

Primary Technique For Cooking Eggs


Eggs are universally acclaimed as one of most useful cooking ingredients. They are easy to get hold of wherever you live and are widely used throughout the world. Even the worst cook can learn to prepare eggs using a few easy techniques. Possessing the electuary skills to make egg recipes like scrambled eggs, boiled eggs and poached eggs gives you an opportunity to modify them into thousands of uncomplicated, quick wholesome dishes.

10 Healthy Brown Bag Lunch Tips


Sack Lunches can be tough to pack when you are looking to keep things healthy. Kids come up with many reasons for their finicky preferences, and parents want to keep things as easy and mess-free as possible. The older my kids get, the less they want to bring a lunch with containers or bags that need to be brought back home. For several years my oldest child has preferred a brown bag that he can throw away when he’s finished. He doesn’t want to have to keep track of anything during lunch recess. Here are a few ways I’ve made a brown bag lunch work in our family.

Cool Breakfast Facts


According to a Harvard University – Massachusetts General Hospital study of children in Philadelphia and Baltimore schools, students who usually ate school breakfast had better math grades, higher standardized test scores, decreased absences and tardiness, reduced hyperactivity and improved social relations in comparison to children who seldom ate school breakfast.

Frugal Lovers’ Easy Quick Morning Muffin

fdp_Sura Nualpradid-muffins-ID-10043300

This applesauce oatmeal muffin recipe is great for breakfast or a snack on-the-go. For added variety, you can substitute the applesauce with ripe bananas, prunes, pears or peaches. Place your fruit in a food processor and pulse to the until you get the size you like, then add to the mixture. This recipe is great for using over ripe fruit, you may have on hand.

Frugal Breakfast Ideas

fdp_rakratchada torsap-breakfast-ID-100162633

I am always trying to cut down my grocery bill and Breakfast can be one of the most expensive meals of the day…depending on what you serve. Here you will find some inexpensive breakfast ideas that are good and healthy for your family.

How To Make French Toast In Five Minutes Or Less

fdp_rakratchada torsap-frenchtoast-ID-100205315

Need a quick, easy, and delicious recipe to satisfy your family’s hunger? French toast is one of the simplest dishes to make that also requires very little preparation time. Here is a step by step guide to making French Toast in five minutes or less.

Top Notch Healthy Breakfast Ideas


Top Notch Healthy Breakfast Ideas

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. It is better to skip lunch or even dinner than to miss out your breakfast. You cannot stay up all day long if you do not get the right amount of energy you need to survive a tiring and exhausting day. You do not need to eat many different foods for breakfast and end up feeling sleepy throughout the entire day. There are actually many healthy breakfast ideas that you can take and still get the alertness while eating less.

Swiss Potato Pancake with Ham & Cheese


We’ve lightened the fat content of this crisp potato cake by baking it with olive oil instead of frying it in butter. The ham and cheese make this dish versatile; serve it as an entrée or as a side dish to accompany your favorite meal.

Orange Pancakes, English Muffin Sandwich, Cinnamon Twist


Would you like to make a special breakfast for your family without a lot of work? They are sure to appreciate this recipe for Orange Pancakes with a homemade tropical sauce instead of syrup. Do you prefer a sandwich for breakfast? Rather than run out to your local fast food joint on the corner, you can make your own healthy English Muffin Breakfast Sandwich. Impress the youngsters with tasty but easy Cinnamon Twists.

Quick and Easy to Make Clubhouse Sandwich Recipe


We all know the way to produce a peanut butter sandwich or even a hamburger. But if you want to generate some thing bigger than comes in three layers, why do not you study the way to produce the fast and simple clubhouse sandwich recipe.

Traditional Homemade Sicilian Sausage


Throughout the busy years I’ve tried a variety of store bought Italian sausages that are okay but never match the quality of Italian sausage my Grandfather made when I was a child. I’ve always had the recipe for this great tasting sausage but never had the time to make it.

Bacon Wrapped Hot Dogs


I grew up in the 1950s and 1960s, just for time reference. There were no such things then as microwaves. No food processors to speak of, either, though we did have a blender. With that frame of mind, what did we eat? What things stood out?

In my family, Mom sometimes baked hot dogs stuffed with cheese and wrapped in bacon.

Old Fashioned Potato Pancakes


How to make old fashioned potato pancakes. Serve with applesauce and breakfast sausages to complete this hearty breakfast.

Eight Tips for Perfect Pancakes

fdp_rakratchada torsap-breakfast-ID-100187191

On a busy morning, pancakes are the perfect choice: they are easy, quick, and almost foolproof. But they are not quite foolproof. If your pancakes are not turning out not quite right, review these eight principles for great pancakes.

What People Around The World Eat For Breakfast


Throughout the world, ‘breakfast’ is an important cultural tradition associated with the start of a new day. Because ‘breakfast’ is such an important meal, many countries have developed their own unique culinary delights to begin each day.