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Recipes for breakfasts and lunches.

Hearty, Healthy Pancakes: A Good Way to Start Your Day

Let’s face it, most of us don’t immediately think healthy when we hear the word pancake. That said, a pancake made from whole-wheat flour, oats and egg whites has a place on any well-balanced breakfast plate. Eating a hearty, filling morning meal like the one featured this week, can help curb hunger later in the...
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Summer Dining: Pulled Chicken Caesar Salad Sandwich

In weather like this most of us would rather be soaking up the heat than cooking in it. Although slow cookers are known for their ability to prepare soups, chilies and hot comfort foods through the winter, savvy Canadian families are finding that slow cooker meals in the summer offer more time to enjoy the...
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Good to Wrap and Go

When the warm breeze blowing into my apartment brings spring fever, portable meals become an obsession of mine. My goal is food that can be put together in ten minutes to tote to the nearest park and yet, despite the speed, provides a complete meal of protein, whole-grain carbs and fresh vegetables. Read more

How to Make Tea Sandwich Recipes

The tea sandwiches are light food that can be had during teatime. These sandwiches are such that they can be easily and quickly prepared with light fillers. There are number of recipes available for tea sandwiches that are famous throughout. These recipes are easy to follow and the sandwiches are ready within few minutes. ...
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How to Prepare a Reuben Sandwich

Reuben sandwich is one of the most liked sandwiches in the allied category. It is a toasted sandwich made from sauerkraut, Swiss cheese corned beef and Russian dressing on rye bread. It is one of the greatest contributions to the world of eating by the New York. It is found in all the restaurants in...
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