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Recipes for breakfasts and lunches.

The Ultimate Egg Salad Sandwich

When you write about food, even good friends hesitate to ask you over for a meal. Inviting me to stay for a summer weekend is even more fraught, no matter how much I assure them I’m content to munch on burgers or canned tuna with carrot sticks in exchange for the chance to soak up...
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Herbed Spanish Omelet

There are many versions of Spanish omelets, yet all feature eggs and potatoes. Often referred to as Spanish tortillas, they are served in cafés and bars as tapas or appetizers, making them one of the most commonly served dishes in Spain. They also are popular as a light dinner. This is not surprising given that...
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Apple Strudel Buckwheat Pancakes

Take your first bite of these unique and nutritious pancakes and you will see the whole grain buckwheat in a new light. It's like having a substantial dessert for breakfast – except that it's healthy. (more…)...
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Blue Corn Flapjacks

A Breakfast Valentine Blue food has been popular with kids for a surprisingly long time, particularly in sweets, from ice pops to candy-coated chocolate. There is a healthy blue food, though, that I encourage you and your family to try. (more…)...
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