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Old Fashioned Doughnuts and Peach Cobbler Recipes

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You may want to line a baking pan with the paper towels to prevent greasy countertops. The doughnuts should take about 3 minutes to cook.

How to Make Old Fashion Nutmeg Doughnuts and Ms Agatha’s Cream Puffs


To make a special breakfast for those you love why not try these Old Fashion Recipes for Nutmeg Doughnuts or Ms Agatha’s Cream Puffs. And if you can’t decide which one, try them both. After all, doesn’t your family deserve to be spoiled? Surprise your kids. Let them know not all doughnuts or cream puffs come from the bakery or grocery store. Kids love to cut doughnuts or fill the cream puffs so let them get involved, too. Some of the best bonding between a parent and child comes in the kitchen.

Old Fashion Recipes for Doughnuts

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In some food categories, old fashion recipes are just hard to beat. In my opinion, doughnuts fall into that category. The recipes in this article are perfect examples! Cool Fall evening and Cold Winter nights enjoy with a good cup of coffee or hot chocolate, maybe even milk for the little ones, oh so yummy! Great for lazy weekend breakfasts or brunch, too.