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Plenty of egg or cheese dishes to satisfy your taste buds.

Spanish Souffle Omelet

The souffle omelet is an omelet in which the eggs have been beaten until they triple in volume, It is then started on the stove top and finished in the oven where the eggs souffle up yielding an omelet with a huge WOW factor. This omelet is easy to make and the finished product is...
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Indian Dal with Yogurt and Cucumbers

Indian Dal Is a Perfect Summer Dish “Expect a new heat record to be set today.” “Today will be grey and punctuated by thunderstorms.” “A beautiful day, perfect for being outside.” In July and August, I expect to hear all of these weather forecasts. Whichever it is, eating is necessary and dal, the Indian lentil dish,...
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Egg Substitutes – What To Use

Are you stuck looking for an alternative to eggs in your recipes? If so, what is a good substitute for eggs in recipes. The list below will provide alternatives that work in most baking recipes.  Plus, a homemade substitute recipe that is less expensive, has fewer calories and is just as satisfactory. Read more

Tips to Make Yogurt at Home

You can walk into any supermarket and be confronted by all manner of yogurts – flavored, frozen, low-fat, sweetened, unsweetened, and many others. However many of us would like to make yogurt at home, for reasons of economy or health. (more…)...
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Do You Know The Whole Truth About Milk?

Milk on cereals, milk in our desserts, milk in beverages and so on - anywhere you go, there is no escaping from milk. And for most of us, milk brings back childhood memories - it was after all our first food. However with the recent controversies surrounding milk, one begins to wonder if drinking milk...
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Simple Recipes for Making Goat Cheese

The art of making goat cheese ranges from a quick and simple process, to a long and complicated procedure. The soft spreadable form of goat cheese known as chevre is probably the best known of the soft cheeses; however, many other forms of soft cheeses can also be easily made with goat milk. Read more

How to Make Mozzarella Cheese

Mozzarella is one of several kinds of "plastic-curd" cheeses, originating in Italy. Mozzarella is one of the most versatile cheeses to make at home. It tastes wonderful freshly made, freezes well, can be used like an aged cheese in cooking, and melting readily when heated. Mozzarella cheese is ready the same day its made. ...
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