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Preparing Plant-Based Kitchen and Pantry


I created a list for you to use when it comes time to stock your kitchen and pantry. It’s a long list but don’t be intimidated. It’s only a guideline to give you an idea of the variety of foods on the whole food plant-based diet.

Pantry Basics – What Staples Do You Really Need to Create Delicious Meals?


A staples pantry is simply a section of your food storage area where you keep a supply of often used foods, herbs and spices that you use to season or create dishes for the family meals. Here is where you keep those dry goods such as flour and sugar, and things like seasoning packets that help you make your meals more interesting.

Top 10 Staples For Kitchen Cupboards


When the weather is freezing and there’s snow on the ground you often wish that you had something you could make a meal from in the house. The freezer might be well stocked, but there’s no pasta or rice or starchy foods. Such items are worth stocking up on because they can be used when you have unexpected guests and for emergencies.

Baking for The Holidays? A Checklist of Pantry Must-Haves

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A holiday season without baked goodies would be like a movie without popcorn, burgers without fries or a sundae sans cherry: good but not quite perfect. If you enjoy baking traditional holiday favorites, you may also like trying new recipes. Experimenting with new recipes is easier if you start out with a well-stocked pantry.

The Vegan Pantry – Essential Ingredients in Your Vegan Kitchen

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Making the transition from eating meat to becoming a vegan can be a daunting decision to have to make. It does mean changing the way you eat: what to eat and how to eat them. It also involves restocking your pantry.

Staple Foods for a Healthy Pantry

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Whether you’re single or have a whole family to feed, planning meals can be pretty stressful at times when you’re on the go and want to stay healthy. But it doesn’t have to be if your pantry is stocked with the necessary healthy staples.

A Quick Guide to Pantry Pests

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Pantry pests like to eat the same foods that humans do, and finding an infestation of pests in items such as cereals, flour, grains, baking mixes, crackers, pasta, dried fruit, spices and other dry goods is not uncommon.

Storage Shelves, Baskets and Basket Benches Organize Your Kitchen and Pantry


Do you need more storage space in your kitchen? Pantry? Even if you’ve got a 1,000 square foot kitchen that was featured in its own special on television, you’re probably still wishing you had a place to put that automatic melon ball maker that Aunt Harriet gave you as a housewarming gift. Storage shelves, baskets and basket benches can be an elegant, functional and unique way to add additional storage and organize your kitchen and pantry with style and flair.

Creating A Gluten-Free Pantry


Have you recently discovered you’re experiencing gluten intolerance symptoms? Discovering this can create a lot of uncertainty and confusion about how to deal with it.

How to Keep Food Fresh in The Pantry


A kitchen pantry can help you store and organize food, provisions or dishes while freeing up available cupboard space. Storing your food properly extends the shelf life and foods stay at their peak of freshness and taste better. To keep food fresh in the pantry the first thing should be to select the appropriate location for the pantry.

11 Essential Pantry Staples


Now that spring is almost here, it’s probably time to start thinking about spring cleaning – and this includes the pantry in your kitchen. If you already have the essentials on hand, you can whip up a meal in no time! Stock your pantry with these 11 essential items to make your life a little easier and cooking dinner after work a breeze!

What to Put in a Pantry


Pantry – – A room or cupboard for storing food, usually dry goods. Most foods to be stored will be dried, packaged, bottled, canned, foods that do not require refrigeration.

Important Ingredients and Supplies for Baking

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Great dinners do not always require advanced planning. Sometimes, you just have to wing it with what you have on hand. If you keep your pantry and refrigerator stocked with some basic supplies – and a few surprises – you will never be at a loss when you have to whip up something great for dinner with very little notice.