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Fruit, vegetables or legume based recipes.

Make a Delicious Lemon Cake Roll for a Fancy Dessert

This delicious Lemon Cake Roll is a perfect dessert for a Spring or Summer party, buffet, dinner, etc. While tasty any time of the year, there is just a Springy Sunshine feel with this luscious cake roll. This cake roll is actually easy to make but it will impress your family and/or friends who will...
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Paleo Nuts and Seeds Recipes

Paleo Diet Recipes allows nuts and seeds. You maybe wonder so what because nuts and seeds can only be eaten separately as snacks. Nuts and seeds can be used in a variety of Paleo Meal Recipes and as nutritious topping for Paleo salads, Paleo desserts and Paleo Shake recipes. Nuts and seeds are nutritious power...
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Say It with Potatoes

You don’t have to be Irish to love potatoes, so St. Patrick’s Day is a good time for Americans of any ethnic background to join in the celebration at mealtime. (more…)...
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Red Cabbage Braised with Apples, and Thinking Local

"Rich in antioxidants." A claim so ubiquitous that it even appears in the eye-filling foodie magazine, Edible New Jersey. Digressing briefly, this publication is one of a feast of choices from the Edible Communities, a group devoted to eating well and providing fascinating information about local foods and their producers. Read more

Papaya’s Perfect for Summer

As summer arrives, this is the perfect time to enjoy papaya. If you are already acquainted with it, perhaps one pleasant result of visiting a tropical locale, let me inspire you to serve it more often, including in savory dishes, like this chicken salad. (more…)...
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Chocolate-Dipped Fruit

Although these decadent treats may look like they came from an expensive chocolate boutique, dipping your own fruit is surprisingly simple and won’t cost you a fortune. All it requires is some fundamental knowledge about chocolate. (more…)...
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