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Have a Chocoholic Party

Chocolate-André Karwath

Create a Chocoholic Party

Looking for some fun party ideas? How about a chocoholic party?  New research is touting the benefits of dark chocolate and in fact, our ancestors knew about many of the benefits for many years. Hosting a Chocoholic party is easy and your guests will enjoy the unique idea.

Hashbrown Chili Dip


When you hear the phrase “’tis the season” you might be thinking holidays. But it’s also the season of families and friends gathering together around the big-screen TV to cheer on their favorite college or pro sports teams.

A Holiday Feast That’s Delicious and Smart


Feasting during the holidays means that in January I have to lose the weight I gained. I have resolved to stop this unwise up and down. So this year, I will feast, but I will do it thoughtfully.

For Thanksgiving, Discover Red Rice Stove-Top Dressing


On Thanksgiving, I am a traditionalist and an adventurer, too. Maintaining a family tradition, I include the canned small French green peas with pearl onions that my mother always served. Call this retro, but it’s essential for me. However, serving only the same dishes every year would be too dull.

Home Made Stove Top or Chicken, Turkey, Duck or Goose Stuffing


Most people remember the wonderful stuffing from their grandmother’s turkey at Thanksgiving. Whether it was the bread stuffing spiced with sage or one with the wonderful added flavor of oysters, it was a real comfort food. These days you can buy stuffing mix in a box that you can make on the stove top. It sounds great for busy people, but if you are health conscious and like to read the labels so you know what you are poking down your neck, you should take a second look. The label from a leading brand reads like a chemical dictionary. If you really like maltodextrin, monosodium glutamate (msg), high fructose corn syrup plus all the artificial coloring agents, artificial flavors, shelf life extenders, etc., then read no further, but if you are concerned about healthy eating, then keep reading and learn how with very little more effort, you can make your own home-made version, without all the “extra ingredients”.

Old Fashion Recipe for Turkey With Apricot Cornbread Stuffing


If you are looking for a new way to do turkey and stuffing, here is a recipe for you. This old-time recipe has a stuffing that combines cornbread, apricots, and pecans. Probably no one among your family and friends has served stuffing quite like this one. Give it a try. Impress your family and friends.

Thanksgiving Check Off List


Thanksgiving is celebrating the fall harvest with friends and family. If you are planning a Thanksgiving dinner, it’s important not to forget anything, so you can your guests can have fun celebrating the holiday. Follow this Thanksgiving Check off List, so you can be sure that you don’t miss a thing.

How to Organize a Perfect Picnic

Photo Credit: Michelle Meiklejohn

Picnics are fun if they are organized well. The ideas for a great picnic never end as there are plenty of them to enjoy yourself. Let’s find out what are the necessary things to be taken care of while we plan a picnic.

To Roast or Not to Roast a Pumpkin


Peter Piper Picked a Profoundly Plump Pumpkin — Now What does he do with it?

Cookie in a Jar Recipe

fdp_Grant Cochrane-chocolatechipcookies-ID-100141883

There are several variations of the cookie mix in a jar – scroll down to see them all. The concept is the same for all of them: layer the dry ingredients in a clean, dry mason jar, packing each layer down tight with a spoon. Print out the recipe and attach it to the jar. You can tie a wooden spoon to the jar, too. These make great gifts!