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Watercress Pesto Linguini

Pesto pairs perfectly with pasta, especially pesto made with watercress. Easy to prepare, pesto is rooted in Genoa, Italy, in the scenic province of Liguria. Dating back to the 16th century, pesto is one of the oldest oil-based sauces in Italy. It evolved because Ligurian sailors, wanting a change from fish and spicy foods, started...
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Tomatillo Turkey Chili

Mix up a delicious batch of colorful chili to celebrate Cinco de Mayo. Although many refer to this holiday as Mexico’s Independence Day, Cinco de Mayo actually marks the1892 battle in Puebla, Mexico, when an outnumbered Mexican army defeated the French. This was a turning point in Mexico’s struggle for independence. Read more

Maple Syrup Recipes

Baking or cooking recipes with a Vermont maple syrup is easy to make and serve. These are perfect to serve in social gatherings. Make sure that the Vermont Maple syrup you buy is fresh. (more…)...
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Stovetop Jambalaya

Jambalaya has so many components that preparing it may seem like a massive undertaking, but the recipe that comes with Uncle Ben's converted rice makes it look so easy: just combine all the ingredients together on the stovetop and simmer until done. (more…)...
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Cabbage and Turkey Ragout

With spring come thoughts of all things green, including cabbage and St. Patrick’s Day. You can create your own unique and healthy dish to celebrate the wearing of green by pairing cabbage with turkey to make a mouthwatering ragout. (more…)...
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Spanish Chicken Paella Recipe From Spain

Paella is Spain's gift to the world; or to be more precise, Valencia's legacy. The history of the dish explains how it was first made in open fields by mixing cooked rice with just about anything starting from snails to rabbits. The original Valencian Paella is a mixture of rice with meat, snails, eels, vegetables,...
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