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Beef, Pork, Lamb, Veal and Seafood Recipes

Fishing for a Good Meal

For eating fish, here are four commandments. For optimum health, serve it at least once or twice a week. Select the kinds of fish and seafood your family likes and that fit your budget. Avoid fish that is high in PCBs and mercury. If you are environmentally minded, pick fish that is not endangered and...
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Tuna Salad with a Springtime Twist

If your ideal tuna salad calls for mashing the fish with enough mayonnaise to taste like tuna but spread like mayo, then skip this recipe. But if you are a tuna-lover and are seeking a salad with spring flair, one that includes crunch, color and a flavorful surprise, then this recipe is for you. Read more

Give Flounder Some Mediterranean Flair

Flounder, also known as flatfish or sole because of it shape, is the centerpiece of this week’s recipe. The addition of red peppers, pine nuts, basil, and garlic creates wonderful layers of flavor that complement the flounder’s tender yet firm texture and accent its delicate, almost sweet and nut-like taste. Read more

Celebrating The Persian New Year

March 21 is officially the first day of spring, when the northern hemisphere celebrates the rebirth of nature. This date also marks the beginning of the two-week Persian New Year festival of Nowruz, which features many symbolic foods dating back to ancient times. (more…)...
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Steam into Spring

When you are tired of the heavy cooking of the cold months but it is too early for the outdoor grilling of summer, steaming is a good cooking transition as winter turns to spring. (more…)...
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Eggs for Easter Brunch

Eggs, which embody the renewal of spring, are perfect as both decoration and a dish on the Easter table. For a festive brunch dish that is colorful and tasty as well as healthful, try an easy-to-make frittata, an egg dish Italian in origin, but now adapted in many countries, from Spain to Vietnam. Read more