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Chicken for Dinner – 3 Courses in 40 minutes

In December, when my to-do list expands, I get the urge to buy take-out dinners. Rather than surrender to this impulse, and to save money, I turn to tried-and true recipes like these three dishes. Each dish uses five ingredients and takes minutes to prepare. Served together they make a three-course dinner for four. Read more

Chicken Burrito with Enchilada Sauce

Mexican origins: Burrito is a very popular food in Mexico. Typically, it consists of a filling and cheese wrapped in a flour tortilla. My recipe has chicken, onion, and green pepper in a spicy tomato sauce with Monterey Jack and cheddar cheese. (more…)...
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Country Sausage Recipe

Top of the morning: I enjoy making breakfast on Sunday mornings for the family, and the country or breakfast sausage is one of the family favorites. You can serve the sausage as sausage links or patties. We sometimes like it between a biscuit or English muffin with cheddar cheese. You can also add an egg to...
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Homemade Chili from Scratch

My aunt loved to cook. Often when we were together, we would share recipes or talk about new ones we had found. She was one of those old fashioned cooks who made everything from scratch. When I think about it, I don't know if I ever saw her prepare anything from a box. She had...
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Homemade Pot Pie – Recipe For Beef Pot Pie

Homemade Pot Pie - Recipe For Beef Pot Pie This recipe for homemade beef pot pie is a good way to use leftover pot roast from Sunday dinner. The dropped biscuits can be made from scratch, or a box mix may be used. Read more

Crisp Oven-Fried Chicken

Making Good Fried Chicken Even Better When I offered a recipe here back in 1999 for making oven-baked fried chicken, the Holy Grail for healthy eating was cutting fat and calories from popular dishes. At the time decreasing them were so important that versions where the crust was limp and the chicken dry were widely accepted....
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