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Give Your Lemonade a New Twist

On hot summer days, we must take care to stay properly hydrated. What did people do years ago, before electrolyte drinks, when America was mainly rural and summer meant laboring in hot fields? I was curious what people working all day in the sun drank to stay safe. Read more

Old Fashion Candy Recipes like Grandma Used to Make

You can make candies just like grandma and your mom used to make. These recipes are from old family recipe files. Go back in time with homemade Penuche, a candy made with brown sugar. Or try Whipping Cream Candy, which is totally different than the Penuche. This candy is made with whipping cream and white...
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How to Make Candy Corn

Halloween is coming and candy corn has become a staple in the memories of any trick-or-treater. The colorful, triangle shaped candy is certain to show up in candy bags all over. The tradition of candy corn has made it the most popular candy treat in the United States especially during Halloween. Read more

Phyllo Flowers For Easter

Traditional Easter sweets include a menagerie of cute, improbably colored marshmallow critters like chicks and rabbits. To lure me away from their sugary excess, my parents presented me with an Easter basket filled with fresh strawberries every year. (more…)...
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