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Cake Decorating Tips and Ideas

Everyone loves to eat cake which is nicely and perfectly decorated. But due to lack of decorating skill ones wish is not fulfilled up to the maximum level. Check out for some cake decorating tips that can help to make your cake more delicious. (more…)...
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Plastic Bag Ice Cream

Yes, it sounds dangerous and the potential for messes seems highly likely, but you'll be surprised at the good, "clean" fun you'll enjoy when you make ice cream. This recipe is enough for one person to make a dish! (more…)...
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Anita’s Ice Cream Parlor

Summer time is upon us, swimming at the lake, barbecues, running through the sprinklers and of course ice cream. What better way to enjoy it than by making it yourself, involve the kids, make memories that last a lifetime. (more…)...
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Asparagus Salad with Lemon-Soy Sauce

Spring has Sprung By the end of March, the first signs of spring are visible in most markets – shad roe, artichokes and beautiful asparagus spears. It is time to change gears in the kitchen and think about salad instead of hearty soups, and fresh vegetables in lieu of frozen. Read more