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Summer Tomato and Olive Relish


Spice up your late-summer dishes with an easy homemade relish. This one packs a colorful variety of produce with vine-ripe tomatoes, sweet onion, and savory Kalamata olives. Kick the mild Mediterranean flavor up a notch with a few dashes of chili sauce. Serve over fresh fish or chicken, or use as a healthy spread on sandwiches.

Recipe for Homemade Hot Garlic Dill Pickles


Years ago in Sacramento, California, I ran across an old man selling pickles at a swap meet. He made the pickles in his own kitchen in large plastic barrels and sold them on week-ends. I went to this swap meet every Saturday all during the summer and noticed the lines of people gathered in front of his booth, but I always walked by.

Garden Leftovers


In April you can’t wait to taste the first tomato. By September you are sick of tomatoes and wondering if you can eat another one. Here are some ideas to use those summer leftovers from Dining On A Dime Cookbook.

How to Make Sauerkraut at Home


Home-made sauerkraut is incredibly easy, very tasty, and has many health benefits as it is a ‘live’ food full of beneficial bacteria. It is also great fun to make!

How To Make Homemade Relish For Canning

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When I first started making relish, I thought it would be a hard and tedious task. Once I made my first batch, I realized that it was a lot easier than what I thought it would be.

Relishes make a great accompaniment for hot dogs, hamburgers, poultry and fish. You can also use it on crackers or your favorite party bread.

Pick A Pickle Instead of Sweets

Chow Chow Relish

February is when winter’s double whammy usually hits many Americans. Cold and nasty weather frequently make walking outdoors for exercise impossible, and cabin fever, especially severe for those who work at home, often makes folks want to eat everything in the house.

8 Rules for Making the Best Homemade Pickles


There are two types of pickle families, those made by using the quick process method and those made during the brine curing method. Most people now use the quick process method to save on time. Using the quick process method, you cook the fruit or vegetable in vinegar and spices to preserve it.

Canning – Hot Pepper, Corn and Cucumber Pickle Relish Recipes


During the summer and fall months, I like to spend time in the kitchen canning foods that we have harvested from our backyard garden. Canning is easy to do and you can preserve for your foods for up to 1 year by canning them.

Cinnamon Pickles


Many of us like to eat pickles. We eat them with our lunch, our dinner, and even sometimes just as a snack. The most common kind being dill or bread and butter. One type that you many not have heard about are cinnamon pickles. They are not something that I have ever known of being available to purchase in a store, but here is how you can make your own fairly easily.

Homemade Pickles and Preserves – Basics You Should Know


Thankfully there is a growing interest in the art of preserving produce. With belts tightening and an ecological desire to waste less food, more people are starting to dry, can, pickle & jam fruits and vegetables. The recipes are endless but the methods are few. So if you’re new to preserving fruit and veg here are the first things to know:

How to Make Icebox and Garlic Pickles


Summer gardening usually means an abundance of cucumbers which suits me just fine, since I love to make homemade pickles. When it comes to picking out the right cucumbers to make pickles with, you need to consider the following:

How to Pickle Onions – Easy Pickled Onion Recipe


Pickling onions is a really easy way to learn about how to make pickles and how to make each pickle your own. The basics are really simple, but the possibilities for variation are endless. You can use small onions, large chopped onions and shallots. Red or white it doesn’t matter.

How to Pickle Your Own Olives at Home – A Recipe for Pickling Olives


I was invited for a Shabbat meal at the Rabbi’s house here in Wellington a few weeks ago, this was a traditional Jewish Shabbat meal.

Making Home Made Pickles – Are Your Pickles Safe?


Ahhhh, there’s nothing better than a crunchy, home made pickle. One advantage of making your own is that you can adjust the ingredients to produce the flavors you want. Want them sweet? Sour? Spicy? Just adjust the ingredients and you can have whatever you prefer.

Oriental Honey Pickles Recipe


If you are a pickle-freak, this mouth-watering, crunchy, sweet and sour pickled vegetables prepared in homemade, oriental style might just get you curious!

Recipes For Diabetic Canning – Bright Green Pickle Sticks and Bell Pepper Relish


It is not easy to find pickles and relishes for diabetics. But we can make our own. These recipes are for canning pickles and relish that is diabetic friendly.

The Best Homemade Pickling Spices

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Canning recipes generally call for “Pickling Spices” in preserving dill pickles, sweet pickle or perhaps sour pickles. Actually anything that you pickle you will need to use a similar spice even if it is pickled vegetables.

Why Pickle Barrels Should be Ideally be Made of Glass


A pickle barrels are containers which holds the vinegar in which the fruits or vegetables are pickled. That it is the pot in which the fruits or vegetables are pickled. All the ingredients including vinegar are put in the barrels and pickles are prepared.

Why You Should Carefully Select the Pickle Jars


Pickles are a delicacy that is made all around the world. Some people make it with fruits whereas some people use vegetables. Whatever the ingredients may be, it is a famous recipe and liked by all. For making pickles various equipments are required which includes one of the most important one, which is a pickle jar.

3 Secrets to Conquer Soggy Home Canned Dill Pickles


Home canning has been a part of our family traditions for as long as I can remember. Each year, when the harvest was complete and preserved in our family cellar I loved to be the one to give the final count on the fruit of our labors – peaches, pears, applesauce, beets, green beans, strawberry jam, and….PICKLES! I loved the pickles.

How to Make Herbal Mustards, Pickles and Sauces



Mustards are delicious and give a lift to all sorts of savory foods. We all know the English, French and German varieties, but these recipes give them an extra lift and would make marvelous gifts for a mustard lover.

Easy Recipes for Canning


Easy Recipes for canning your own fruits and vegetables – Candied Dill Pickles and Easy Apple Butter  – Home canned fruits and vegetables is a great way to preserve your garden goodies for year round use. You can also take advantage of good buys at Farmer’s Markets.

Mixed Pickle to Can Recipe


The Amish are well known to have some of the best recipes around. Whether this is because some of there recipes have been handed down for centuries or because they spend more time cooking I don’t know. Maybe it is a little bit of both. This delicious recipe can often be found on the table and in the jars of an Amish housewife.

How to Make your own Bread and Butter Pickles with Bell Peppers


It is not too early to be thinking ahead to how you want to preserve summer’s bounty of fresh fruits and vegetables.

Making the Perfect Pickled Eggs and Red Beets


When it comes to making the perfect pickled eggs and red beets, it’s all about how you prepare them.

The World’s Best Pickles


I knew they were the world’s best pickles the moment I tasted one. That first taste took place around 1950, and I’ve tasted a lot of pickles since, am a pickle hound in fact, but I’ve never come across anything else as good.

Water-bath Canning vs. Pressure Canning


When choosing how to pickle or what pickle recipe’s you would like to try, there are a number of things you want to keep in mind. One of those things is which canning method you would like to use. Home canning is a very simple process that can be done in two ways: pressure canning, or water-bath canning.

How to Can Homemade Southern Chow Chow Relish


If you plant a garden every summer season and looking for a way to use up some of your excess garden vegetables, this is a great southern relish recipe to make.

Turn to Turmeric


In India turmeric holds the crown in the spice market. Be it any festival, a religious ceremony or for simple health reasons, turmeric is a consistent winner.

Enjoying Cranberries All Year Long

Pomegranate Cranberry Relish

During the chilly months I usually focus on roast chicken or turkey, or baked salmon. They feed me well while enveloping my home with wonderful aromas.

Easy Recipes for Canning Your Own Fruits and Vegetables – Candied Dill Pickles and Easy Apple Butter

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Home canned fruits and vegetables is a great way to preserve your garden goodies for year round use. You can also take advantage of good buys at Farmer’s Markets. Some of my fondest memories, now that I am a senior citizen, are of the times I spent helping my mother and grandmother on “canning days.”

How to Make and Can Your Own Homemade Pickles

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During the summer gardening season, we always end up with an abundance of cucumbers, so we like to make our own fresh pickles and can them for future use.

Try These Old Fashion Relish and Salad Recipes to Add Zing to Your Meals

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Sometimes I think my best recipes are the old ones I grew up with in the 40s and 50s. If you aren’t used to using old recipes, you will no doubt be surprised at how easy they are.

How to Make Pickled Lemons


Pickles are very important part of Indian meals. If it can be made with the right proportion of ingredients it can be kept for months. Pickled Lemons are one of the most popular pickled food in India. It can be made in different methods. Here 3 methods are given to make the mouth watering lemon pickle.