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MaMaw’s Slow Cooker Apple Butter


MaMaw’s recipe is guaranteed to become a tradition in your home like it is in ours. Get ready for a flavorful apple butter that tastes as good as it smells.

Canning – How to Can Peach, Apple and Pumpkin Fruit Butters with Recipes


Canning is not a difficult process like most people think and it can be learned in just a few short hours if you are a beginner. Canning is a great way for you to preserve your garden harvest to use during the next year…since most canned items will last for 1 year if properly processed.

Types of Nut Butter


Nut Butter is made from crushed nuts and used as a spread. They are rich in important fatty acids, fiber and protein. Some of the nuts used in butter are very good suppliers of calcium. This Nut butter can be easily put on toast, crackers, vegetables and fruits.

Uses For Apples


We had three large apple trees on our property when I was growing up, and they produced gallons of various apple concoctions every year. We made pie apples, applesauce and apple butter. If we could preserve it in any form, it was, including drying them. I suspect that’s why I look for alternatives in how to use this fruit.

Canning Bananas in the Form of Banana Butter

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I recently read an article in the newspaper where they say the prices of bananas are on their way up similar to those of meat, dairy and wheat related products. The latest estimates say that these processes are to rise at the tune of thirty six cents per pound more then last month. The companies that import the fruit have stated that these prices will continue to increase throughout the remainder of the year due to increased transportation costs.

Basic Butter Recipe


How to make butter at home.

Spiced Grape Butter


How to make spiced grape butter.

Plum Butter


How to make plum butter.

Pennsylvania Dutch Apple Butter


You can use canned or bottled apple juice or cook 1 1/2 – 2 pounds apples with 1 1/2 cups water about 25 minutes ( or until soft). Put the soft apples in a jelly bag and let it drain until you have 2 cups of juice. You can squeeze bag to hurry the juice along. The recipe makes about 12 (1/2 – pint) jars.

Use Your Food Processor to Make Fresh Homemade Butter Quickly and Easily


Why Make Butter at Home?

Fresh homemade butter is one of the best things you will ever eat.

Easy Recipes for Canning Your Own Fruits and Vegetables – Candied Dill Pickles and Easy Apple Butter

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Home canned fruits and vegetables is a great way to preserve your garden goodies for year round use. You can also take advantage of good buys at Farmer’s Markets. Some of my fondest memories, now that I am a senior citizen, are of the times I spent helping my mother and grandmother on “canning days.”

Preparing Butter at Home without Butter Making Machinery


Instead of buying some unhealthy product from the market, you can choose to make butter at home.

Use Your Food Processor to Make Fresh Homemade Butter Quickly and Easily


Why Make Butter at Home?

Fresh homemade butter is one of the best things you will ever eat. Most people think it is silly to even consider making their own butter when it is so readily available pre-made. I presume those people have never tried this freshly churned delicacy. Try it once and you’ll know what I mean.

Peach Butter

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How to make peach butter.