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A variety of salads for every taste bud.

How to Make Mayonnaise

It really is an easy process that takes less than 5 minutes in total if you make it by hand. Some people have had great success in making it in a food processor but for me it has not worked out. I really don't mind making it by hand though, I look at it like...
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Mexican Spinach Salad

The Infinite Possibilities of Spinach Salad Raw spinach is so versatile that writing 50 Shades of Spinach Salad would be a snap. For starters, there are three types of spinach to choose from – tender baby leaves; larger, more flavorful flat-leaf spinach; and super-dark, curly Savoy spinach that can be almost meaty in your salad bowl....
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Roasted Root Vegetable Salad

What could be better than a warm winter salad when the weather turns cooler? The combination of sweet and white potatoes, carrots, onions and beets brings you the taste of the garden long after planting season is over. (more…)...
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Dressing Up Green Salads

When did you last rave about a lettuce leaf? Listen closely when someone praises a salad because the dressing is most likely what the diner found memorable. The dressing was either a perfect partner with the greens or it stood on its own. (more…)...
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Winter Tomato and Onion Salad

Once temperatures drop to a winter chill, iceberg and other lettuces leave me cold. I prefer salads made with more substantial and assertively flavored greens like arugula, spinach and escarole. (more…)...
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Summertime on The Farm and Memories of My Grandmother’s Kitchen

Oh how I wish I would have experienced “summertime on the farm!” My grandmother grew up on a 42-acre orchard farm in Bucks County, Pennsylvania complete with chickens, cows and pigs. As young children my mother and aunt would spend a few weeks there during the summer in the care of my great grandmother. ...
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Beat the Heat with a Cool Summer Salad

With beans and corn, lime and salsa, fresh cilantro and the exotic touch of jicama, this summer salad has a definite hint of Mexico. Thanks to the high fiber of the corn, beans, brown rice and jicama, this dish will stick to the ribs and keep you satisfied. Read more