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Cream of Bacon Corn Salsa Soup


Flavorful fusion soup for cozy winters

Mixing cultures through food is a delicious trend that lets both professional chefs and home cooks get creative in the kitchen.

Lentil Salad


Lentils make a hearty alternative to meat in veggie burgers, soups and salads like this one. Legumes like lentils are rich in fiber, protein, iron and folate. Plus they’re a low-calorie option if your resolution this year is to watch your weight. This recipe can be ready in less than 30 minutes with relatively no prep so you can eat well even on a busy weeknight.

A Christmas Cookie for Ginger Nuts


Over the holidays, the great cookie debate inevitably flares. In this eternal debate, I always choose crisp over chewy. For me, the snap and crunch of a cookie matters as much as its flavor. But if chewy cookies are your thing, do read on.

A Holiday Feast That’s Delicious and Smart


Feasting during the holidays means that in January I have to lose the weight I gained. I have resolved to stop this unwise up and down. So this year, I will feast, but I will do it thoughtfully.

Pear and Cranberry Tart


A sweet ending to a great meal makes a Thanksgiving feast even more memorable. Fresh local pears are in season throughout Canada during the fall and are available at your local Walmart Supercentre, making them a tasty and budget-friendly option for desserts. Tart, dried cranberries complement sweet pears, and make a flavourful addition to this recipe.

Lemony Shrimp Sorghum Risotto


This one-pot risotto features ancient grains, peas, and zesty lemon. Sorghum is an up-and-coming whole grain that packs plenty of fiber, protein and cancer-fighting compounds. Shrimp adds extra protein, but can easily be substituted with fall veggies for a vegetarian version of this comforting classic.

Southern Sweet Potato Pie


Thanksgiving and Christmas dinner time celebrations together along with the great meals being prepared regardless of the main meal is only a plain meal if it weren’t for the great cakes, pies, cookies, an fruit salads that accompany the meal. This is the greatest recipe for sweet potato pie on the earth! Add this to your meal and watch the entire family ask for more. It is simple to make and great to consume. This addition will make these special times together more meaningful for both you and your family.

How to Pop Real Old Fashioned Popcorn


What could be more basic than popcorn? You just pull the bag out of its plastic wrap and pop it in the microwave, right? Sure, if you want to ingest a whole lot of extra chemical “goodies” along with your popcorn. But if you want just the popcorn, oil, salt and butter, you’re going to have to pop the kernels yourself in a pan.

Spaghetti Squash with Meatballs


While we all want to make healthy food choices, it can be tough and time consuming to identify the best ingredients. Fortunately, making one or two changes can have a big impact on the nutritional value of a dish.

10 Ways to Make Thanksgiving Dinner Delicious and Easy

512px-TraditionalThanksgiving -Ben Franske

I love to cook. And I love to have a day off of work. But, despite the fact that preparing Thanksgiving dinner recipes is relatively easy, I’m ashamed to admit that sometimes, I dread the work involved. I just want to hang out with my family and friends, have time at some point during the meal to take a stroll on the beach boardwalk, and not have to work hard getting even a simple meal on the table. So, over the years, I’ve developed a handful of strategies that have made my Thanksgiving dinner preparation a bit easier. Hopefully, these will make your Thanksgiving dinner recipe preparation a little easier too!

On-The-Go Mason Jar Meals


This healthy salad can be packed for a quick work lunch or a weekend picnic. Loaded with veggies, quinoa, grilled chicken and leafy greens, this fresh and delicious meal is full of vitamins and protein. Perfectly layered in a Mason jar, your lettuce and vegetables will remain nice and crisp until you’re ready to dig in. Once you’ve mastered this recipe, mix and match your favourite vegetables, proteins and greens to make any salad you want. They are easy to assemble and can be stored in the fridge for up to five days.

18 Fun Ways to Eat Apples


Apples can be as small as a cherry or as large as a grapefruit. Some varieties have an aftertaste of pears, citrus, cinnamon, cloves, coconut, strawberries, grapes, and even pineapple. Have you ever tried adding a thin slice of apple in your turkey sandwich? It’s really good. Experiment with different varieties and find a few that you like. The crisp texture and refreshing flavor makes apples a great snack. Of the hundreds of apple varieties, the top five grown in the US in 2009 were:

Beyond The Jar: 8 Ingenious Ways to Eat Peanut Butter


What food is tasty, filling and fun? Peanut butter, and according to research, Americans are in love with the nutty spread.

Carrot Thai Soup


In the fall and early winter, nothing warms the tummy or the spirit quite like a flavourful bowl of soup. And while chicken noodle soup is a common go-to, after a few bowls many of us want to try something a little different. Spice up your family’s food life with this carrot Thai soup, made rich and creamy with some evaporated milk — an ingredient that isn’t just for desserts.

Mini No-Bake Pumpkin Cheesecakes


Take the bite-sized dessert trend to the next level this Thanksgiving with a mini pumpkin cheesecake. This no-bake treat is perfect for getting the kids involved, and the budget-friendly ingredients can be found at your local Walmart.

MaMaw’s Slow Cooker Apple Butter


MaMaw’s recipe is guaranteed to become a tradition in your home like it is in ours. Get ready for a flavorful apple butter that tastes as good as it smells.

Warm Up Your Fall with These Apple Cider Recipes


Autumn is often a time of cold, grey weather. Fortunately it is also apple harvest time, and the season for keeping warm with comforting food and drinks. Enjoy reassuring recipes for body and soul featuring Green Mountain Hot Apple Cider Mix in K-Cup pods for the Keurig system, which combine fall pleasures to perfection.

Festive Sangria Perfect for Holiday Parties

Glass and punch bowl of sangria on wooden background

Set a relaxed, festive tone for your holiday party and ensure guests quickly get a drink in hand when they arrive, by preparing easy-to-make Festive Sangria. This crowd-pleasing recipe appeals to both red and white wine lovers alike. Make the Festive Sangria even more special, and save yourself some money, by preparing it using wines you have made yourself. Leave a few bottles of your homemade wine, with a fun, personalized label, on display beside the Festive Sangria so guests can appreciate your homemade touch.

Baking Basics: Getting The Best Performance from Eggs in Desserts


Whether you prefer grandma’s famous pumpkin pie, snowflake cookies or delicious eggnog custard, there are plenty of dessert options to choose from during the holiday season. We often associate holiday desserts with sugar, frosting and all things sweet. However, the most important ingredient is not one that satisfies our sweet tooth, but is rather much simpler, and extremely nutritious — eggs!

Apple Cinnamon Fruit Leather


Fresh autumn apples, warm cinnamon spice and the natural sweetness of Medjool dates are all it takes to make these simple, natural fruit snacks. Snacking is a great way to add a variety of healthy plant foods to your diet, throughout the day. These fruit leathers are rich in fiber and contain quercetin, a flavonoid with anti-inflammatory properties.

Pumpkin Spice Overnight Oats

aicr_Oatmeal_Quick-Sonja-Recipe-Low-Sep16 -1

With just five minutes of prep time the night before, you’ll have an easy grab-and-go breakfast that will keep you satisfied all morning. These hearty, pumpkin-spiced oats are packed with fiber, protein and cancer-fighting polyphenols. Whole grains like oats can improve your digestion, aid in weight control, and lower your risk for colorectal cancer.

Peppered Tilapia with Caramelized Onions and Wilted Spinach


Tilapia is a healthy and affordable choice for your dinner table. Not only is it low in fat and calories, this fish is also a good source of protein, vitamin B12 and selenium. This one-skillet recipe, seasoned simply with salt and fresh peppercorns, uses only 2 other ingredients. Serve on a bed of wilted spinach and dress with sweet, caramelized onions for a great weeknight dinner with minimal clean up.

Summer Squash Ribbons with Lemon Herb Dressing


These pretty squash ribbons are easy to make and simply flavored with aromatic herbs and zesty lemon. Summer squash are low in calories and rich in cancer-protective fiber and nutrients including lutein and zeaxanthin. These carotenoids are especially beneficial for your eyes. Herbs and lemon zest also provide a plethora of antioxidants in this too-hot-to-cook, refreshingly light, summer side.

Summer Tomato and Olive Relish


Spice up your late-summer dishes with an easy homemade relish. This one packs a colorful variety of produce with vine-ripe tomatoes, sweet onion, and savory Kalamata olives. Kick the mild Mediterranean flavor up a notch with a few dashes of chili sauce. Serve over fresh fish or chicken, or use as a healthy spread on sandwiches.

Zucchini and Onion Frittata


Protein-rich eggs and fresh, seasonal vegetables are the secret to this healthy frittata. Well-known in the Mediterranean diet, the frittata can be enriched with any seasonal vegetables and cheeses to create your own personal recipe. This one features fresh summer squash, a good source of vitamin C along with some fiber and potassium.

Smashed Chickpea & Avocado Lettuce Wraps


Ready in just 10 minutes, these vegetarian wraps are packed with fiber-rich chickpeas, fresh Boston lettuce and creamy avocado. Opting for meatless meals a few times a week is one way to eat more plant foods and cut down on processed meat — both excellent ways to lower your risk for cancer. These wraps are so versatile that once you get the hang of them, you can try them with chopped peppers, jalapenos or any fresh ingredients you have on hand.

Summer Fruit Salad with Creamy Orange Dressing


A sweet and savory salad can make for some of the best summer fare. This twist on fruit salad features all the colorful favorites in the traditional dish with the addition of an ambrosia dressing. Melon, grapes, blueberries and pineapple all contain fiber, vitamins, minerals and a variety of cancer-fighting phytochemicals. Top it all off with orange, coconut and creamy cottage cheese for a bold and zesty flavor without a lot of added sugar.

Green Tea Cooler with Fresh Mint


Take a break from the summer heat with this refreshing and healthy drink. Green tea is rich in phytochemicals like the well-studied compound EGCG. Cell and animal studies show these tea polyphenols may protect our DNA from damage, intervene directly in cancer cell growth, and increase self-destruction of abnormal cells. Adding fragrant mint and fresh lime turns your everyday tea into a revitalizing cooler.

Zucchini Marmalade


The Zucchini plant is actually a squash the same as the pumpkin is. It is perhaps the best producer you could place in your garden. You need only plant a couple of plants and you will be blessed with enough zucchini for not only your family but the neighbors also.

Grilled Watermelon Skewers with Balsamic Vinegar and Black Pepper


Everyone’s familiar with classic barbecue staples, like hamburgers, sausages and corn on the cob, but have you ever thought of grilling fruit? The result is surprisingly delicious, and makes for a fresh snack or light dessert after a calorie-packed meal. Grilling experts at Walmart suggest this grilled watermelon recipe for a buzzworthy dish at your next barbecue.

No-Bake Watermelon Cake


Satisfy your sweet tooth with this fun no-bake “cake” the whole family will enjoy. Fresh summer watermelon makes for a sturdy base and boasts plenty of vitamins and cancer-fighting phytochemicals. Protein-packed Greek yogurt, with cream cheese and a little whipped cream, creates a sweet and tangy frosting.

Fresh Corn Pancakes with Lime Drizzle


Start your morning off right with these light and easy pancakes. Fresh corn is in abundance during the summer and adds a subtle sweetness. Combining whole wheat and all-purpose flour is a fun cooking hack that enhances the nutrition without changing the flavor and texture. Drizzle on our lime and honey syrup for a fresh and zesty kick to get you up and on the right track for the day.

Freezing Dairy Food


All dairy foods attract the flavors of other foods and develop an unpleasant taste. Therefore, good packaging is essential to protect the delicate flavor of dairy produce. Remember to label clearly with date, contents and quantity.

Rainbow Fruit Skewers with Creamy Lemon Dip


These delicious skewers are easy to make plus the creamy lemon dip adds a great boost of flavor and is perfect for parties.

You can make both the skewers and dip ahead of time. Simply wrap skewers tightly with plastic wrap or place in a resealable bag and refrigerate up to 12 hours. The dip can be made up to 24 hours ahead.

Whip-up Your Own Flavored Mustard


Have you ever labored in the kitchen only to find that a meal you’ve made is left wanting a little something more? Harry Lalousis, mustard sommelier at La Maison Maille, the oldest mustard brand in the world, suggests adding some pizazz by making your own flavored mustard.

Sweet Potato and Spinach Turkey Burgers


The secret to these flavorful turkey burgers is the aromatic combination of fresh herbs, onion, and garlic mixed with mashed sweet potato and spinach. Filled with extra veggies, this burger makes following AICR’s recommendations to eat more plant foods and less red meat easy to follow. Plus the fresh herbs are loaded with an abundance of phytochemicals that promote good health and may help prevent inflammation.

Radish and Cucumber Raita


Keep it light and fresh this week with a cooling Raita. This simple condiment is made with just 4 main ingredients — radishes, cucumber, yogurt and spices. Radishes are cruciferous vegetables rich in vitamin C and anthocyanins while cucumbers contain vitamin K. Use it on hot kebabs, herbed flatbread, or as an easy side dip.

Summer Grilled Balsamic Veggies


Fresh vegetables are a colorful addition to your summer barbecue. This versatile recipe is simple, flavorful and our new grilling go-to. Made with a variety of bell peppers, summer squash and mushrooms, your version can use any seasonal produce. A marinade of olive oil and balsamic reduction adds a light sweetness and enhances your body’s ability to absorb their fat-soluble vitamins.

Whole-Wheat Pasta with Ricotta, Roasted Garlic and Walnuts


This easy summer dinner only needs 5 main ingredients and requires minimal prep work, making it perfect for those long summer days. It features hearty whole-wheat pasta, reduced-fat ricotta and roasted garlic for plenty of fiber and cancer-fighting phytochemicals. Baked walnuts add a satisfying crunch and the healthy omega-3 fat, alpha-linolenic acid.

Peach and Basil Salad with Fresh Mozzarella


Our delicious salad marries summer’s juicy, sweet peaches and aromatic basil with slightly briny, velvety fresh mozzarella. This quick to fix, simple salad has an enticing bouquet – peaches are related to roses after all – and lots of vitamin C, beta-carotene, calcium and fiber. It would be peachy-keen to serve as a light main or side salad at your next summer soirée.

Forks – The Interesting History – Why Did They Take So Long To Appear?


It comes as a shock to most people when they hear that the last of the dinner utensil trio to be introduced to the table was the fork.

Layered Nachos Grandes


Homemade nachos are the perfect comfort food for a festive appetizer or a summer get-together. Fresh salsa, protein-rich beans and colorful avocado form decadent layers in this baked version of nachos grandes. Forming perfect tiers allows the cheese to melt evenly and each flavor to stand out in the dish.

Middle Eastern Rice with Spiced Chicken and Chickpeas


With the sunshine out, and outdoor activities in full swing, we are all looking for quick and easy meals that limit our time in the kitchen. The good news is that you can put flavourful meals on the table in 15 minutes, thanks to spices that most of us already have in the pantry and Minute Rice ready to serve rice cups.

Wasabi-Crusted Cod with Ponzu Sauce


If you’re looking for an elegant, healthy dinner, this fresh fish dish is for you. Featuring spicy wasabi and crunchy sesame, it’s the best way to enjoy protein-rich cod. Cooking the fish directly on the stove and then finishing it in the oven toasts the top, but keeps it moist on the inside. This recipe, created by Hannah Herrera, from Maricopa, Arizona, won first place in our CCAP recipe contest.

Bick’s High Flyer Burger


No meal is more fun in the summertime than a delicious backyard barbecue. Gathered around the patio with family and friends, a perfectly grilled batch of burgers is always a crowd-pleaser.

But if you’re looking for ways to really impress others at your next cookout, consider these tips on how to take your burger from ground zero to high flyer:

Fresh Fruit Pizza Tart


Add a Slice of Summer Fun with Fresh Fruit Pizza

When it comes to summer desserts, if you want to really razzle dazzle guests at your next party, think pizza − fruit pizza, that is. Kids and adults alike are wowed by this special dessert. And it couldn’t be simpler to make.

Mustard Seed Tomato Curry Fusilli with Leafy Greens and Queso Fresco


Wow summertime dinner guests with this simple and delicious dish

We’ve all been there. You’re in the middle of a casual conversation with a group of friends in an unassuming environment, and before you know what’s happened, you’ve offered to host a dinner party. It sounded like a great idea at the time. And guess what? It still is.

Spring Pasta Salad


Just because a barbecue is all about the grill, doesn’t mean the sides can’t shine. This pasta salad makeover combines traditional elements like whole-wheat shells and adds fresh, spring staples like asparagus, fava beans and fragrant dill. The lemon and oil-based dressing keeps it light and ensures it can stand up to the outdoors longer than its mayonnaise-based counterparts.

Roasted Spiced Chickpeas


Healthy snacks can add important nutrients to your diet and help keep your hunger satisfied between meals. These roasted chickpeas are a great make-ahead option that packs fiber, protein and other beneficial phytonutrients. Sprinkle on salads, in soups or enjoy them all on their own.

Asparagus-Bacon Frittata


Canadian asparagus is in season in the early summer – perfect for pairing with bacon and eggs in this frittata.

A Simple Mac n’ Cheese au Gratin


Any parent can relate to the struggles of dealing with children who are picky eaters. They can also relate to the dinner time rush of preparing a meal the whole family will love – and one they can feel good about serving. Pasta is a simple, wholesome and versatile option for families today. In fact, according to research commissioned by Canada’s top pasta brand, Catelli, six in 10 Canadian parents feel pasta makes their kids happy and keeps them fueled. Happy kids means happy parents!

Papaya Salsa with Jicama Chips


We’re featuring this popular recipe from the files, just in time for picnic season. With just a little chopping and whisking you can whip up a colorful, fresh and fruity version of ever-popular salsa. Pair with sweet and crunchy jicama for a refreshing appetizer that also packs a cancer protective punch with nutrients like vitamin C, carotenoids and fiber.

Ever Wonder Why Salt and Pepper Are on Almost Every Table? Maybe Not – But it is a Good Story


Have you ever wondered why we have salt and pepper on almost every table — from the crystal shakers on the tables of the fanciest 5 star restaurants down to the flat paper packs wrapped up with the napkin and spork in a box of fast food chicken?

Creamy Cucumber Fennel Salad


This super simple salad features cool English cucumbers, fresh fennel and tangy Greek yogurt. Both cucumbers and fennel contain fiber and water which, by making you feel fuller faster, can help you get to and keep a healthy weight. Greek-style yogurt with a splash of apple cider vinegar makes a light creamy dressing with the perfect tinge of tartness.

Maple Cayenne Pecans


Having healthy snacks on hand can help fight hunger throughout the workday. This easy, portable mix is quick to make and lasts all week. Pecans pack healthy fatty acids and protein that keep you full longer. This hot and sweet spice blend adds a kick of flavor to satiate your midday cravings.

Nasturtium Peppery Leaves Edible Flowers and Substitute Capers


Nasturtium is a beautiful flowering plant, Tropaeolum majus, grown for its unique foliage and edible flowers. Native to South America it’s an annual member of the Tropaeolaceae family. Nasturtium is a common name for this plant that shouldn’t be confused with the unrelated watercress of the genus Nasturtium in the mustard family. Other common names are garden nasturtium and Indian cress.

Crystallized Ginger


Ginger root has been used for years as a dietary aid. The ancient Greeks would eat ginger root sandwiches to help their digestion. As the trade routes from India and Africa expanded, their native plant, the ginger, was exported and eventually became popular all over the world. Known for its health benefits in treating colds, headaches, and motion sickness, it is, even today, touted as one of the best, and tastiest, supplements to a regular diet.

Herbal Extracts are Easy to Make in Your Kitchen


Herbal extracts are made from herbs and alcohol. Alcohol has the effect of removing essential oils from the plant material and releasing them into a liquid solution. Essential oils are the substances that give herbs their characteristic aroma and flavor. Extracts are used in the kitchen for flavoring foods and beverages.

Baby Kale Tuna Salad with Wasabi Dressing


Baby kale is milder and more tender than its mature variety, making it perfect for raw salads like this one. It’s still packed with fiber, vitamins, minerals and phytonutrients such as isothiocyanates and flavonoids that lower cancer risk. Sweet onions and grape tomatoes add color and complex flavor pairings while tuna tops it off with a protein boost. Add the spicy, wasabi dressing just before serving and enjoy a healthy, light meal in the fresh spring air!