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Chilled Green Pea and Watercress Soup


Watercress Is the New Superstar

Kale has had its power food moment. Now watercress deserves the spotlight, or so declared The Washington Post recently, citing the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s recent list of 41 fruits and vegetables ranking watercress Number One based on its nutrient content. Here is the full list and CDC’s definition of Powerhouse Fruits and Vegetables.

Variety of Delicious Homemade Potato Soups


I was not very fond of having soup before meals. But, once I tasted a potato soup at my friend’s weekend party and I simply fell in love with its wonderful taste. Since then, soup has become an integral part of my meals. Soup is a popular and nutritious appetizer and starter. It is made from a combination of different ingredients like vegetables, meat and various spices. These ingredients are added in boiling water to form a broth. It’s a wonderful experience to enjoy a tasty potato soup, sip by sip, during the cold winter evenings.

Winter Soups for the Soul


There is nothing better than a pot of simmering soup making use of the hearty and imaginative root vegetables, dark, leafy greens, hard-shelled winter squashes, meats and grains to nourish the body and warm the soul. A few simple guidelines for preparing soups can help you use those wonderful winter selections to offer a maximum of nutrition and flavor with a minimum of effort.

Creamy Broccoli Soup


Blending broccoli creates a wonderfully satisfying, healthy and creamy soup – although this soup actually doesn’t contain any cream. Instead, it gets its great creamy texture from potatoes.

5 Tasty Cabbage Soup Recipes


The variety of cabbage known today is well beyond the ten fingers of your hands. Use whichever is available to you and you can work magic in the kitchen. There are famous soup preparations that you can try at home. These variations can help you if you want delicious soups or if you are one of the followers the cabbage soup diet.

How To Make An Old-Fashioned Beef Stew Just Like Grandma


If you long for the delicious flavors and scents that use to stream out the windows and doors of the old home place where grandma and granddad use to live and you miss all their good cooking, you can learn how to make an old-fashioned beef stew just like grandma and grandpa use to enjoy making and eating.

How to Make Stock For Soup


I have made many stocks over the years, and gradually I’ve found a method that helps me have a good stock result from my efforts. In the beginning, they were more like slightly flavored water, but now they can stand up next to the store bought stuff, without the fat and sodium.

Fish Chowder with Veggies


Nothing warms you on a chilly day like a hearty bowl of chowder, especially one that is delicious and adds extra healthfulness with fish and vegetables like carrots, celery, bell peppers, potatoes and corn.

Cream Of Mushroom Soup Recipe


No matter what your level of expertise in the kitchen, every competent cook needs some basic go-to recipes to make in a pinch. Sounds great in theory, but we can’t always create recipes from scratch, even simple ones. Well, fortunately, there are some easy shortcuts that can produce some surprisingly delicious meals. One such staple is Cream Of Mushroom Soup.

Carrot-Ginger Soup recipe


Carrot and ginger works wonders when it comes to flavor! The sweetness the carrot has and the tang of ginger is one of the best combinations you can do to a dish. Simple vegetarian recipes are not limited to one main vegetable only. You can actually combine a main ingredient to various flavoring vegetables like celery, onions, leeks, etc. Here’s a simple vegetarian recipe that will surely impress you from the moment you cook it, to the time you spoon for a taste!