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Variety of soup and stew recipes to warm your heart and soothe your soul.

Revisiting The Chowder Pot

A rich-flavored chowder has a place at a health-conscious table. You can lose the excess fat and calories without sacrificing the full-bodied taste of this classic comfort food soup in winter. (more…)...
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One Squash Makes Many Soups

It’s not about the temperature outside. Whether snow already blankets your street or the sun still shines a balmy 70 degrees, these are the shortest days of the year and nothing warms evening’s early arrival like a bowl of hot soup. Serving soup is also one of the easiest ways to mix vegetables, fruit, spices,...
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Cold Soup For Hot Days

Just because its hot outside doesn’t mean you can’t serve soup. Gazpacho, a classic Spanish cold soup, makes a delicious summer lunch or light supper. Served in small cups, it can also be a light first course to a summer dinner. (more…)...
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Soup Makes the Most of Fall’s Bountry

September brings change to the air – the summer’s end, the beginning of school and the return of seasonal fruits and vegetables. In the fall we welcome the autumnal flavors of pears and apples, the transition from summer to winter squash and the appeal of warm comfort foods. This week’s Acorn Squash and Apple Soup...
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A New View of Peanuts

Peanuts have been a cocktail or bar snack for decades, and are often referred to as almost a joke, as in “that’s worth peanuts.” Turned into a smooth sandwich spread, peanuts have long been a school-lunch panacea for fussy kids. But for ages, health- and diet-conscious adults have avoided peanuts because of their high-fat content....
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Give Watercress a Try

Many people consider delicate watercress a rather aristocratic vegetable. For decades it was rarely seen in American cuisine, except possibly as a garnish alongside a filet mignon. Perhaps it is most recognizable in the form of watercress sandwiches, mentioned in British fiction as an essential part of afternoon tea. Read more

The Accidental Soup

As a trained chef, it’s easy to forget how intimidating cooking can be to the novice. Teaching cooking classes reminds me, however, just how uncomfortable many people feel in the kitchen. Trying new recipes is a chief source of discomfort for many of my cooking students. To ease their anxiety, I often start beginners out...
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Pasta Fagioli

Pasta Fagioli, simply “pasta and beans,” is a traditional Italian soup, big on flavor and nutrition. The simple pairing of beans and pasta – once referred to as peasant food –creates a dish that is easy to prepare and a welcome departure from the usual fare. (more…)...
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Greens and Lentil Soup

This savory soup is packed with nutrition. Better still, the recipe is easy to prepare and sure to satisfy your hunger without leaving you feeling overly stuffed. And, since it makes delicious leftovers, you may want to scale up the recipe to ensure that it can be enjoyed more than once. Read more

Turkey Italian Wedding Soup

Classic Italian soup is a favorite throughout the U.S. Contrary to the popular belief that it is a soup meant for weddings, the dish actually got its name from the Italian phrase si sposono bene, meaning that two things are well married. And indeed, the unique marriage of flavors is sure to have your taste...
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