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Variety of soup and stew recipes to warm your heart and soothe your soul.

Moroccan Lentil Soup

As the days gradually grow shorter and evening temperatures begin to dip, nothing beats a satisfying hearty soup. This week’s recipe takes a basic lentil soup and enhances the flavor by adding Moroccan herbs and spices. (more…)...
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American Irish Stew

March is a seasonal transition month when thoughts turn to spring and a greener landscape. It's also when many celebrate St. Patrick's Day with the wearing of the green and enjoying foods that have their roots in the Emerald Isle. One popular dish is Irish Stew. (more…)...
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Very Vegetable Minestrone with Barley and Beans

Minestrone soup is a great tasting way to warm the day and incorporate needed vegetables into your diet. Ancient Romans relied on this hearty vegetable soup as a staple in their diet. In fact, the term minestrone originates from the Latin verb minestrare meaning "that which is served." Read more

Chilled Roasted Tomato Soup

Take on the summer heat with this cool version of tomato soup, both elegant and easy to prepare. It features plum tomatoes, which are about the shape and size of eggs and are specifically grown for making sauce. They are perfect for this soup. (more…)...
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Crock Pot – Old Fashioned Beef Stew Recipe

During the fall and winter months, I enjoy making hearty soups and stews in my crock pot for my family. I love the fact that I can spend a few minutes in the morning preparing it, put it into the slow cooker and walk away...a few hours later, our dinner is hot and ready to...
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Mix-and-Match Soup: Budget Meal Planning’s Secret Weapon

Many people I've talked with recently have expressed concern about how to cut the cost of their family's food budget. Stocking up and buying on sale is a great way to do that, but then what to do with a stockpile of canned beans, stewed tomatoes, and frozen hamburger? Read more

Spring Pea Soup

Spring is pea season, and a good way to celebrate its reemergence is with a delicate, spring pea soup. Green peas are at their peak in March, April and May (and then again from August through November), so the time is right. (more…)...
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