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Honey Blueberry Citrus Slush

Photo Credit: The National Honey Board

Yield: Six 6 oz. servings


1-1/2 cups – fresh orange juice

1/2 cup – Orange Blossom honey

Some Tangy Facts About Oranges


One of the most popular of all citrus fruits, oranges attracts maximum fans following on account of their juicy, tangy and pulpy taste. This citrus fruit is not only a great source of Vitamin C but is also a healthy reenergizing drink. Research suggests that more than 70% of the US population consume orange juice. No fitness enthusiast begins their day without a glass of orange juice! Inspite of its universal popularity, few people are aware of some of the most interesting facts associated with this fruit. Given below are some juicy orange facts.

Simply Elegant Oranges


Oranges and orange juice are as commonplace today as peanut butter and hamburgers. But for well into the 20th Century, many Americans considered them a luxury. Originally brought from India and China to Europe and then to California and Florida, citrus fruits represented wealth and opulence. At this time of year, as we exchange gifts, consider the historic significance of offering your friends and loved ones oranges.