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Sachets Recipes


Get back to the basics by making your own scented herbal sachets with these 4 easy Pioneer Thinking recipes for you to make and enjoy.

Drying Flowers With Silica Gel

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There are many ways to dry flowers. One of the best ways is to dry flowers with the use of silica gel. Silica gel is a drying compound (desiccant) for use in drying flowers. Using this method allows one to dry flowers while the flowers its shape and superior color. The silica gel mixture can be used over and over so the initial expense of about $20.00 for a large can is a one- time expense. Other less commercial examples of a desiccant are fine sand, borax powder, alum, finely ground kitty litter, and detergent powder. All these may be used to draw moisture from plant material.

The Herbal Primer – Creative Uses for Herbs


We have seen that herbs are wonderful for alternative medicinal uses, fantastic for recipes and can be used and grown easily. What else can you do with herbs?

Rose Centerpiece Ideas – How to Create Rose Centerpieces


Modern roses are easy to grow with few requirements. They need eight hours of sun a day, rich soil, and moist but not soggy soil. Roses are available year round at Florists. Grocery store floral departments often offer roses at bargain prices in a wide variety of colors. So what can you do with all those roses? Here are several rose centerpiece ideas.

Flower Arranging Guide


How to Arrange Flowers

Everybody loves flowers, they have got an exceptional ability to liven up any room.. When it comes to arranging flowers you may be happy with just plunking a few different types together in a vase and leaving it at that, but you could have a much more impressive display. All you need is a little imagination and creative thinking. Arranging flowers is not a difficult task, try out the guidelines below for some impressive results.

How To Make Dried Lavender


Dried lavender is a very beautiful flower that has soothing properties in its scent and can be used for many things. Tea, food items and beautiful craft items can be made from this popular flower bud. The stems and flower buds of the lavender flower are harvested into bundles to be preserved by drying the flower and distributed for its various uses.

Make Your Own Fragrance Sachets


I was given a couple of fragrance sachets for Christmas, and it reminded me that this item used to be a staple I always had on standby in case I needed a donation for our local school or church charity sale.

They are extremely simple to make, and you can even make your own fragrance insert! Or you can buy potpourri or dried herbs from your local craft shop.

Making Lavender Oil


The essential oil that comes from the lavender plant is highly scented and is a common ingredient used in making perfumes and toilet waters.

Make Sachets With Potpourri And Essential Oils


Do you have potpourri and essential oils coming out your ears? If so, you may want to consider using them to make simple sachets as gifts. Sachets are great for tucking into bureau drawers to make your clothing smell wonderful and also can be used in closets.

Preserved Flower Candles


Putting flowers in your candle will add a unique look, while preserving your favorite flower.

Citrus Simmer Potpourri


How to make citrus simmer potpourri, a gentle summery scent.

How to Make a Fruit Bouquet


Fruit Bouquets are quite interesting to make, and look delicious. They can be made out of real fruit or fake fruit in this article I am using real fruit.

Instructions on How to Make Fabric Flowers


These are brief instructions on how to make fabric flowers but first please allow me to start by telling you how it all started.

How to Create Homemade Gift Baskets


Put your imagination to work! Imagine giving a gift that reflects the whims or fancies, personality or passions of the person receiving it. Put away those old tired gifts and create something they will truly love.

Make A Stunning Dried Hydrangea Wreath

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Dried hydrangea wreaths are so beautiful and versatile in a home, and a lot of fun to make as well.

How You Can Change the Coloring of Cut Flowers


Changing the color of cut flowers is easy and produces beautiful results.

Simple Directions for Using Herbs to Make Infusions, Decoctions and Ointments


It seems that many health conscious people these days are turning away from prescription drugs and turning to making their own medicines. Healing with herbs and other natural remedies is becoming popular and making your own medicines is quite an art.

How You Can Preserve Leaves & How You Can Make Novelties From Leaves

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How to preserve leaves at home, use in crafts or picture framing.

Dream Pillows: Dreaming the Night Away


Dream pillows have been around for many many years, it was common place for our grandmothers to stitch up a headache pillow to erase the pain of headaches or have a dream pillow on every bed filled with natures bountiful herbs and flowers. Complete instuctions to make them yourself!

How You Can Dry Flowers/ Wax Fresh Flowers

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You can enjoy the freshness of a flower garden throughout the year by cutting and drying your favorite flowers. The two easiest and least expensive methods are sand-drying and air-drying.

Dry Roses with Your Microwave

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Drying roses with this method is fairly easy, and they turn out beautiful.

Color Determines the Tone of Your Flowers Arrangements

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Color is influential in every aspect of our lives. It conveys a warm or cool feeling and can draw you in or divert attention.

How To Preserve Cut Flowers

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You can preserve the fresh beauty of flowers for years in their natural vivid colors without a great deal of work or expense.

This preserving technique can be used across many flower types, whether it be a dozen roses or blooming stargazer lilies from your home garden.

Making Your Own Potpourri

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Making your own potpourri is easy and fun. It can be as simple as a bowl of lavender buds, or a mass of different dried botanicals with fragrance oils.

Child Flower Activity

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Make Your Own Potpourri

Potpourri Or “Rotten Pot”


Today many of us enjoy having the fresh fragrances of potpourri in our homes and work places to enhance our overall enjoyment but did you know that originally it was a necessity?

How to Brighten Up Your Home With These Flower Arrangement Ideas

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A beautiful flower arrangement piece can become the focal point of the room you choose to decorate.

The Gratitude Wreath


Bring a little bit of autumn indoors. Family and friends help create this wreath by sharing what they are thankful for on brightly colored leaves. Every member of the family can contribute to this beautiful wreath. This is a great, concrete, visual way to put meaning back in the holidays for children.

Arrangements: They Don’t Always Need a Container

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For years I’ve taught people how to glue foam into containers before they begin their arrangement. Now I`m going to tell you that you don`t need the foam. Heck, you don’t even need the container.

Aromatic Gift Ideas


Simple Ideas for Homemade Potpourri Gifts

Pressed Flowers Note Cards

pressed_flowers-DENG Yingyu

How to make beautiful pressed flowers note cards.

How to Make Pomanders


In the tradition of the Victorians and Royalty alike, pomanders were used to mask odors. The sweet smelling scent will fill your home with citrus freshness.

How to Make Potpourri

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Want to make some potpourri? Here is all the information you’ll need to know.