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Sew an Apron in 15 Minutes!

Think it can't be done? Think again – an apron is a very simple thing to sew, and you can easily make your own pattern. Once you have your pattern, you can cut out and sew one up in 15 minutes or less! (more…)...
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Sewing Tips and Techniques

Sewing is really considered an art form since the works of talented hands can be made into beautiful pieces of clothing, home decor, beddings and many more. And with today's penchant to show off creativity via fashion, a renewed interest in sewing is seen.Learning how to sew takes time and effort. It may not be...
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Crochet Easy – Easy Crochet Projects

For all those who have just taken up crochet – whether you have been a crocheter in the past and have been "away" from it for a while, or you have just begun to learn the art – I want to speak with you today about the sorts of things you might like to think...
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How To Crochet – Back to Basics

The beautiful art of crochet is currently seeing an upsurge in popularity because of the gorgeous crocheted garments and accessories that are fashionable at the moment, and I'm sure there are plenty of ladies who have included an up-to-the-minute crocheted garment into their wardrobe already. Read more

How to Felt

Want to learn How to felt? Want a cloth that you could make without actually doing anything to weave? Learn How to felt now. It's easy! (more…)...
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