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How to make a variety of things out of wood.

Tips For Making Wood Beads From Twigs

If you like to make crafts that call for decorations with wooden beads then you might be interested in learning how to make wood beads using twigs that you already have in your yard. You can make your wood beads the size you want them to be, and color them using stains, paints, and varnishes;...
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Carpentry Fun Time: Sawing and Measuring

Just like the title says, let's get to sawing and measuring! Of course, we'll need a saw. I suggest a hand saw, coping saw or one of each. Make sure that they are the correct size for your child. Also, we'll need rulers, a yardstick, tape measure and a T square if you have one...
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Types of Chisels

Your chisel can be one of your simplest, yet most useful woodworking tools. Its simplistic design makes it easy to handle and can help you to quickly solve a variety of problems. It can be used to remove big chunks of wood, metal or stone. Or, it can be used in finishing and to create...
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Homemade Stain

I suppose we're all familiar with how expensive wood stains can be. Well, I wasn't about to take this over-priced liquid lying down. A good friend showed me how to make a surprisingly beautiful stain by mixing Coal tar & kerosene together. (more…)...
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Wood Carving: How to Sharpen Straight Chisels

If you're just starting out as a wood carver, you'll quickly discover how wood chisels are used all the time. There are many kinds, many sizes. They'll need periodic sharpening and it's good to be able to do them yourself. It isn't very fitting to have to bring your tools to a professional sharpener whenever...
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Build a Wooden Bar Stool

This is a plan for a folding bar stool that can be used in a number of situations, from providing extra seating at a breakfast bar, to offering a convenient seat for relaxing outdoors during the summer months. Once you've made your first one, you can go on and make as many as you need....
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Wood Frames – You Can Make Your Own

Wood frames allow for some of the most unique and virtually beautiful designs for holding your favorite photos. Although you may not realize it, photo frames are a great way for you to add decoration and character to your home. Sometimes, these photo frames can be expensive, though, especially when you are looking for something...
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