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Mistletoe has been used to decorate homes during Christmas for many, many years. There has been a long held tradition of kissing underneath mistletoe hanging from a door frame. Making your own mistletoe creation is simple and inexpensive, so get ready for the holidays by making an easy mistletoe kissing ball.

You can easily and cheaply create your own mistletoe kissing balls with only a few items which can be easily purchased at almost any craft store. The items you will need for your creation are:


floral foam ball

floral wire


Optional items you could also use are:


additional greenery such as fir

Christmas themed cut outs

Gather the mistletoe, berries and other greenery and wrap the ends with floral wire. Stick the pieces wrapped in floral wire into the foam ball, arranging the pieces according to your preference. Add Christmas themed cut outs, if desired. Attach a loop of floral wire into the top of the ball and thread a piece of ribbon through the loop to hang the completed ball.

You can make your mistletoe kissing ball in any size you choose. Also, you can get really creative and add any other objects you think will look pleasing. Each one you make will be your own unique design. This craft can bee a good project for children with adult supervision.

Younger children would need an adult to assist with wrapping the pieces with floral wire. Most children would be able to complete the rest of the project with minimal assistance.

Because these decorations are so easy and inexpensive to make, you will be able to fill many doorways in your home and give a few away as gifts too. Try making your own mistletoe ball to easily and cheaply decorate your home for the holidays.

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