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Direct Answers – Weekly Relationship Advice Column

Direct Answers – Deadwood


So much has happened in less than a month since I last wrote. I told my husband I wanted a divorce. He doesn't want one but agreed we shouldn't be married if I'm not happy. We settled on a three-month timeline for him to move out. Obviously there's much more to decide. Read more

Direct Answers – Fishing in a Teacup

I'm a high school student at a small private school. And when I say small I mean like 21 people in my grade! Out of the 21 people, only six of them are guys! Out of the six guys, only one of them kind of has my heart. Read more

Direct Answers – Insufficient Funds

Insufficient Funds

I cheated on my husband of less than a year by texting this guy constantly, going out of my way to see him, even saying I love you. About two weeks ago, we kissed. This all happened within the span of two months: so seemingly innocent at the very beginning, until it wasn't. Read more

Direct Answers – Not The Bunny Slope

Not The Bunny Slope

In January my application for an internship at a multinational was accepted, and I started as a trainee. The first week went smoothly. The next week everything changed. How? I fell for my manager. He’s single. (more…)...
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Direct Answers – Weekends Off

Weekends Off

He’s lived with me six months. The love of my life, at least I thought. Been seeing him two years. When we met he was in a marriage of nine years. He said he was unhappy and not in love anymore. (more…)...
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Direct Answers – Upon Further Reflection

Upon Further Reflection

I met a girl when I was a senior in college and she was a freshman. We dated all throughout her college years. Though it was a long-distance relationship, we made it work. She graduated and took a job about three hours away from me, and we began to plan for me to move...
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Direct Answers – Final Goodbye

Final Goodbye

Eight years ago I met someone in high school who would turn out to be my best friend. Seth and I are so much alike we literally feel what the other is thinking. We finish each other’s sentences. Even with all this, we are different in many ways. I began dating Seth’s best friend a...
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Direct Answers – Apartment Wanted, In Due Time

Apartment Wanted

Recently my boyfriend of two years said he does not want us to live together anymore. He says he’s scared for our future and misses his single life. Not that he wants to be with other women. He just misses being able to go and do things without considering anyone else. Read more

Direct Answers – Implied Permission

Implied Permission

My husband has been involved with another woman for over a year. Four months ago he said it was over, then began seeing her again. He says he loves me and our family and doesn't want to leave, but nothing I've said or done is able to convince him to stop seeing her. Read more