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Direct Answers – Weekly Relationship Advice Column

Direct Answers – The Art of The Deal

The Art of the Deal

I dated a guy for about a year. We have an amazing connection. Admittedly I think we both took things too fast, which is why the relationship ended the way it did. Two months ago we broke up.  It was my decision to break up, because he had done something I'd...
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Direct Answers- No Leg to Stand On

I have been married to a controlling man for five years. We have two beautiful children. He doesn't want me wearing certain clothes, won't let me go out to the club with my family and doesn't want me to go to college. I finally got him to "let me" go to the gym. Read more

Direct Answers – Push Comes To Shove

Fifteen months ago I wrote for advice on confronting my dad who was having continuous affairs on my stepmom for as long as I can remember. I believed it was affecting the well-being of my children, their grandchildren. (more…)...
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Direct Answers – I Am Who I Am

I Am Who I Am

I am a woman, twice divorced, with adult children. My first husband and I divorced after six horrible years. My second husband left me for another woman. I spent three years struggling to come to grips with the situation and began dating again. Read more

Direct Answers – Self-Deception


Four months ago I connected with Bill, a man I've known for 20 years. We always wanted to date and finally it happened. We're happy both of us were available. He says he and his wife separated two years ago when she went to live with her boyfriend. I asked him on our first date if...
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