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Direct Answers – Weekly Relationship Advice Column

Direct Answers – Horse Sense

Horse Sense

I’m a girl, 17, and I have known this guy my whole life. The boy I’m talking about is dealing with a lot right now. Four months ago his mom was diagnosed with breast cancer and recently started treatment. (more…)...
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Direct Answers – Meaningless Tears

Meaningless Tears

My daughter and her husband have been married seven years. Childhood sweethearts. They have a 6-year-old child. They own their home, are financially secure, everything looks good. A couple of days ago, my husband and I received an email from her telling us she has been in an affair for three years with a friend...
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Direct Answers – A Hard Truth

A Hard Truth

I find myself mid-40s and single. I've never been married or engaged. I tend to stop relationships pretty quickly when my gut tells me the person is not right for me. Twice in the last few years I've found your column of great help. On both occasions I felt great pressure from family,...
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Direct Answers – Wolves Among Lambs, Bad Advice

Wolves Among Lambs

I am 30 and engaged to the man of my dreams. I recently found out through my fiancé's sister that their father, a leader in the church, has been cheating with numerous women. He has used the church's mission in Honduras to find them and pay their tuition for college. Read more

Direct Answers – Quicksand


What I am about to tell you is, of course, only one side of this marital mess I am in, but here goes. I married my wife out of obligation. She talked me into buying a house before we were married. We had a son before we were married, and I was a new father-figure in...
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