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Direct Answers – Weekly Relationship Advice Column

Direct Answers – Chutzpah


Four months ago I met my date through an online dating service. We are both divorced, in our mid-40s, with grown children in another country. On our fifth date I stayed overnight and after that, for the next three months, I stayed regularly on a Friday or Saturday night. While I was there with him, he...
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Direct Answers – Castaway


I’ll get right to the point. Lately my best friend Matt has been blowing me off left and right. I have no idea why. We used to hang out every night. Now days go by and I don’t see him. Not that he’s really doing anything. He’s usually home, and sometimes people come over and hang...
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Direct Answers – Taking on Water

Taking On Water

I have been married 23 years to someone who is controlling. His brother has been my best friend for 18 of those 23 years. I know this is totally wrong, but our relationship has become intense. (more…)...
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Direct Answers – Under His Skin

My wife and I live several hours from my hometown and my mom. She is retirement age, but still works for the school system. She visits us on school holidays and during the summer. These visits are stressful because my mom does this hyper-vigilant thing that drives us, especially me, crazy. Read more

Direct Answers – If I Can’t Have Him

If I Can’t Have Him

I started a new job in April 2016 and met a man who works in another department on the opposite side of our building. In August we started dating. In December I learned he had been seeing a woman who sat on the other side of his cubicle. He said they were...
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Direct Answers – A Line From Hamlet

To be or not to be. That is the question. After years of bad luck in relationships and seven years of being single to avoid further heartache, I met a lovely young man and started a relationship once again. Everything about him is great, the best thing being that he truly loves me and treats me...
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Direct Answers – When All Else Fails

During my sophomore year of college I met the most beautiful girl I'd ever seen. I built up the courage to ask her out, and to my amazement, she said yes. I was smitten. But after a few weeks of seeing each other, she drifted away. One night I saw her at a party with...
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Direct Answers – Where Do I Stand?

I've been living with my man eight years in a common law marriage. I love him. He has two girls, teenage twins, and he is a great dad. They live with their mother, who uses them as pawns to hurt their dad. She doesn't buy them anything, so he, in addition to paying child support,...
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