Easy Autumn Candle Crafts

Autumn is here with its cool days and falling leaves. What better way to celebrate the season than some harvest food inspired candle ideas? These Cinnamon Roll and Apple Turnover candles are easy to create and make great gifts!


Paraffin Wax

Cookie Sheets with Edge

Butter Knife




Apple Candle Scent

Cinnamon Candle Scent

Melting Method of Choice


Cinnamon Roll Candles

Melt the wax using your method of choice. Add Cinnamon scent.

Sprinkle cookie pan heavily with cinnamon. Ladle melted wax onto cookie sheet.

Let cool until the wax has the consistency of very stiff dough. With butter knife, slice the wax lengthwise down the cookie sheet. Each slice should be about three inches wide. Using the edge of the knife lift the first strip and fold it in half lengthwise. Place your wick at one end and begin rolling to make the cinnamon roll. Place aside and allow to cool. Once completely cool, ladle more wax over the top.

Apple Turnover Candles

Melt wax using method of choice and add cinnamon and apple scent. Sprinkle cookie sheet with cinnamon. Ladle wax onto prepared cookie sheet. Allow to cool until it is again the consistency of stiff dough. Slice the wax into four squares, use excess wax to "fill" inside of turnover. Fold diagonally from corner to corner.

Insert wick immediately!

Allow to cool and then drizzle more melted wax over the turnovers.

These make great gifts or keep them all for yourself and enjoy the spicy apple scent throughout your home.

The Author:

Dana Michelle Burnett - http://nanasatticstore.com

Photo Credit: Pioneerthinking.com

Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com

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