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Plant Marigolds for Flowers All Summer Long


Marigolds are one of the most popular annual bedding plants. Available virtually everywhere garden plants are sold, they’re one of the most-grown annuals in America.



(pronounced: fyoo-shuh)

Named after Leonhard Fuch, German botanist. Origin: Mexico, Argentina and Chile

(Also known as:  Lady’s eardrop)

Exploring the History of Sunflowers


Sunflowers have been cultivated and harvested by many cultures for at least 4,500 years. They’ve been used for a variety of purposes that range from culinary to medicinal. While most people can immediately envision a crop of sunflowers, few realize the important role they’ve played in history. In this article, we’ll provide a brief overview of sunflowers in an historical context. We’ll explain their origin and describe how they’ve been used for generations. You’ll also learn how the sunflower was discovered by those who traveled from other countries.

Wildflower Seeds – Ten Reasons Why You Should Plant


Native wildflowers are those that were growing naturally in the landscape before the first settlers arrived from Europe. Ever since that time more and more plants have been introduced from around the world with very mixed results. Although many of the imports are now prized garden specimens, others are regarded as invasive weeds whose cultivation is actively discouraged eg Japanese Knotweed. The benefits of growing wildflowers are many, but here are just a few:

Oriental Poppy Seeds – Germinating and Caring For Oriental Poppies (Papaver Orientale)


Producing the best from your Oriental poppies

Poppies are a vibrant part of many gardens, and for some of the most incredible plants of the family, Oriental poppy seeds (Papaver Orientale) can be grown and nurtured at home.

Lavender- Lavandula angustifolia


Lavender is a very ornamental plant that is often grown in the herb garden and is also grown commercially for its essential oil. There are several named varieties. Has many uses including medicinal, edible, tonics, aromatherapy and more.

How to Grow Yarrow in Your Flower Garden


Yarrow, also known as Achillea, is one of the easiest grown and most popular flower garden mainstays in the world. Originally from Europe, the yarrow is found in the wild throughout North America. The yarrow is known for its distinctive large, flat clusters of flowers on the top of its stem. Yarrow comes in white, yellow, orange, pink or red and can be used as filler or as a border. Yarrow ranges in height from 6 to 36 inches and has very aromatic foliage. This article will discuss how to grow yarrow in your flower garden.