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Growing and caring for annuals, perennials and cut flowers.

Popularity of Container Gardening Blooms

Container gardening is more popular than ever. According to research conducted by Dynamic Design, the average household today has 4.2 planters. And why not? Ideal for urban or rural lifestyles, container gardening offers more mobility and flexibility than traditional gardening. It can provide year-round satisfaction as well as the opportunity to bring the outdoors inside....
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The $5.00 Garden of Dreams

It was the beginning of May, and it was already hot. The thermometer on the outside wall read 96 degrees, and it was only 10 am. I sat in my air conditioned kitchen and looked out the window into the backyard. I sipped my coffee and gazed at the thick green grass….I was really pleased...
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Hollyhock – Alcea rosea

Hollyhocks, they are useful in the treatment of chest complaints, and a decoction is used to improve blood circulation, for the treatment of constipation, dysmenorrhoea, haemorrhage etc (more…)...
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Lavender- Lavandula angustifolia

Lavender is a very ornamental plant that is often grown in the herb garden and is also grown commercially for its essential oil. There are several named varieties. Has many uses including medicinal, edible, tonics, aromatherapy and more. (more…)...
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How to Grow Yarrow in Your Flower Garden

Yarrow, also known as Achillea, is one of the easiest grown and most popular flower garden mainstays in the world. Originally from Europe, the yarrow is found in the wild throughout North America. The yarrow is known for its distinctive large, flat clusters of flowers on the top of its stem. Yarrow comes in white,...
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Plant Lilacs for Fragrant Beauty

What is your first thought when you see a lilac bush? Do you think of your grandma or an older couple that had the beautiful bushes in their yard? Lilac bushes used to be a staple in every yard, but they are becoming less and less common. If people understood the benefits of having a...
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Lilac Bushes are Prized for Their Beautiful, Fragrant Flowers

Lilac bushes grow throughout the United States and are prized for their hearty nature and low maintenance as well as for their beautiful, fragrant flowers. Used often as an alternative to hedges for privacy and shade, lilacs are late bloomers, flowering for about two weeks in the late Spring or early Summer, depending on the...
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Classifying Flowering Plants

You should be familiar with the plants you intend to plant. Your knowledge in classifying and naming plants would give you the right choice to select which one is suited to your place, soil, temperature, and other requirements your plants needs in their growing period. (more…)...
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