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Simple ideas to help your garden grow as well as composting, indoor gardening and more.

7 Plants You Need to Plant

Before you start with your home garden project, try to make a list of the plants that are common for your daily needs. If you're used to daily vegetable in your diet, jot down all those vegetables that can be grown and sustains when you need them. Some are short season crops, usually last 45...
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Alternative Food

There are quite literally thousands of species of edible plants that can be grown, yet most people are only aware of the thirty or so species to be found in the grocers, and many of these will have been imported. In this section we will give you a small selection of little known edible plants....
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Vegan Organics: The Basic Principles

Vegan organic horticulture is a method of growing plants without the use of chemical fertilizers, sprays etc and without using any animal products (except those obtained from humans). It is a system of caring for the soil in a sustainable way to ensure it retains its fertility for future generations. It is a method of...
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Stretching The Gardening Season

When the days begin to shorten, do you ever wish there was a way to squeeze just a bit more out of the summer? After all, the tomatoes & peppers were just starting to produce and the summer salads never tasted so good. (more…)...
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Are My Grapes Ready To Harvest?

This is the time of the year that I keep hearing the question "When do I harvest my grapes?" Or sometimes the question is phrased "Are my grapes ripe yet?" And then there's the "Are they ready yet?" (more…)...
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