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Simple ideas to help your garden grow as well as composting, indoor gardening and more.

How to Make $60,000 Yearly Growing Gourmet Oyster Mushrooms

The popularity of gourmet mushrooms is continuing to grow. Over a million and a half pounds were grown just last year in the United States. Because of this increasing demand, new growers can succeed with exotics, such as oyster & shiitake mushrooms. It's fairly easy too. Here's how you could make $60,000 a year growing...
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Broccoli: From Seed to Harvest

Where do I begin with just how much better home grown broccoli tastes over store bought nameless varieties? Maybe I am a bit biased because I think everything I eat from my garden tastes better, but I am sure I am not alone with this assessment. Read more

Various Colors of Carrots You Should Know

You can "play" carrots in many styles you want. Since their texture is soft but firm, you can form them into any shapes you like. You can slice, dice, and cut up carrots. You can even cut them in shoe string pieces or small cubes if you want to add them to cakes. Read more

Growing Organic Radishes

RADICAL RADISH REPORT Growing radishes was pioneered before the Roman empire; the name "radish" derived from "radix," the Latin word for "root" (the Romans could wield a sword but weren't really clever with names!). (more…)...
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Grow Giant Marconi Sweet Peppers

My new favorite sweet pepper to grow at home is the hybrid Italian variety, 'Giant Marconi' (Capsicum annuum 'Giant Marconi'). It's one of the largest of the Italian sweet peppers and has an oblong profile with a slightly lobed stem end. The fruits reach 6-8 inches or more in length. Read more

How to Grow Heirloom Tomatoes

If you are one person who loves the best of summer dishes then you must certainly know of the heirloom tomatoes as these add the best of taste to these dishes. The best way to save money is to grow them on your own the organic way. These tomatoes are healthy and make a perfect...
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Guide to Growing Kale

Both delicious and nutritious, Kale today is widely becoming one of the most popular vegetables word-wide. The leafy green form of cabbage has more vitamin C than oranges and is an excellent source of iron, not to mention it's loaded with anti-oxidants. Growing kale can be easy even for those of us who do not...
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