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How to grow herbs, indoor and out.

Does Your Cilantro Grow Flowers Too Quickly? Here’s Why

How Does Cilantro Grow Best? Cilantro is actually a relative of the carrot, and like the carrot it has a particularly long root. Transplanting is tricky because of this, so I recommend planting cilantro from a seed. We had previously talked about how the seed from the cilantro herb is actually the popular spice, coriander. Read more

Growing Mint Indoors – Four Steps to Follow to Ensure Success

The Pros and Cons of Growing Mint Indoors Herbs really grow best in the full sun, but some herbs such as mint, will tolerate some shade and therefore can be grown indoors throughout the year. This is a big bonus if you like using mint in your recipes - you'll always have a supply of your...
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Starting a Healthy and Productive Windowsill Herb Garden

Gardening is often seen as an outdoors activity that is limited to certain weather conditions. When it comes to herbs, a windowsill facing south or west is an excellent area to grow and harvest herbs all year long. It also add beautiful natural beauty to that window and fills the air with the sweet scents....
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Windowsill Herb Garden – Six Herbs For Health

Nature offers innumerable resources for mankind and one such gift are herbs that can help with most common ailments. Ancient civilizations used herbs successfully but with improvements in science and technology the medicinal significance of these herbs diminished. However there is a revived interest on the subject of herbal remedies as more and more people...
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Your Quick Guide to Storing and Drying Herbs

A great way to make use of your garden herbs is by drying them. Drying herbs is not just an economical solution, it's also great to have aromatic herbs ready when you're fixing something up in the kitchen. Among the most common ways to dry herbs is air drying. Not only is this easiest and...
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Using Herbs as Companion Plants

Companion planting is widely practiced in organic gardening. It is an effective and natural way to protect your garden from insect pests and promote healthy growth among all your plants. Some herbs in particular have a good effect on the growth, taste and health of other crops. Here is a guide to which plants some...
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Herbs for Edible Walls

I have chosen the following herbs simply because they tend to be the most commonly used herbs. Of course, there are so many herbs you can grow in your own garden, so don't be afraid to try new herbs, or just new varieties of more common herbs. Read more

How to Take Cuttings of Rosemary

Rosmarinus officianalis, commonly known as rosemary, is a woody perennial herb with fragrant evergreen needle-like leaves, native to the Mediterranean. Its highly aromatic leaves compliment a wide variety of foods and it can be used both fresh or dried. High summer when fresh shoots are emerging is the perfect time to take semi-ripe cuttings and...
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How to Propagate and Grow Mint

Of all the herbs I grow in my garden, mint is probably the most evocative. Its fresh pungent scent reminds me of summer days and mint tea and never fails to lift the spirit. There are so many varieties of mint, each one cleverly replicating a familiar scent from another plant or food. From chocolate...
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Western Herbs – Herbs of the US Northwest

The Pacific Northwest is full of a lot of things; history, geology and interesting plants are but a few. As our kids were growing up, we played a game called Oregon Trail, so many of the events...and plant life...were covered as part of their education. It was fun, but it was also fascinating. Read more