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A Guide for Beginner Gardeners

Have you ever wanted to make a salad from vegetables you grew yourself? Or give a bouquet to your loved one made of fresh flowers picked from your own garden? Now is your time to shine and grow like a pro with a few tips to get you started: Read more

Top 10 Environmental Benefits of a Natural Lawn

Faced with a brown lawn during summer dry spells and winter, when lawns naturally go dormant, some homeowners have made the switch to synthetic turf. However, before considering this expense, take into account the many benefits that a natural green space provides: (more…)...
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Put Your Green Thumb to Work without a Sore Back

Weed out injuries while gardening

Gardening has grown into one of Canada's most popular activities in recent years as a growing number of us discover the pleasures and rewards of a beautiful landscape. But exercising your green thumb does come with some risks. A day of digging, weeding and watering can also lead to...

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Why a Green Roof?

Green roofing is the new trend. They are popping up everywhere and sometimes take on the most extraordinary and elaborate forms. There are some true works of art out and about. They can also be very simple, low-budget affairs and can be tuned to meet all tastes, requirements and budgets. Read more

How to Select Garden Tools

Many people intend to begin working at the garden to escape from the stress or just for fun. But before starting, you will need some basic tools. The good news is that you can buy all the necessary tools for less than $100 USD if you buy them from flea markets or yard sales. Here's...
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Gardening Under Cover – Protect Your Plants with Cloches

Gardeners have used coverings to protect plants and to extend the growing season for centuries. These coverings can be as elaborate as heated glass greenhouses, or as simple as a plastic bag supported over a single plant. Temporary shelters are known as cloches, and can be almost any size or shape. Sheltering your plantings with...
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